How meds work in our brain?

Anyone know how meds work in our brain what’s different then normal?

Antipsychotics work by altering the effect of certain chemicals in the brain. Mainly Dopamine. They work by blocking the action of Dopamine.

At least that is the theory of why they work.

So we dont feel so good like normal people?

Yeah, I dunno, it’s all very complicated but yes dopamine is part of that “reward” system that gives you pleasure for doing certain things so I could see how it might make you not “feel so good like normal people”, as you put it. It’s all quite complicated but if you want to know more there is plenty of info on the internet about it. I’m no expert.

Thats what im already know

so is that why no matter what I do I still feel like ■■■■

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lol. i dunno leaf. It could be negative symptoms too. Like I said, its all very complicated and I am not an expert. Just going based on what I’ve read.

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Some antipsychotics work on more than just dopamine. I read olanzapine affects 17 different receptors.

Yes I know. Thats why I said

I didn’t feel like looking up the other chemicals to be honest. Dopamine is the main one they think is the culprit for psychosis.

“Most antipsychotics are known to affect other brain chemicals too. This may include the neurotransmitters serotonin, noradrenaline, and glutamate. These chemicals are thought to be involved in regulating your mood.”