How many years ago was it when your first diagnosis happen?

For me it was 5 years and 6 month ago,it’s been mostly down,recently there had been some ups,need to keep it up!!

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between the 2 therapist and 2 dr they fight over weather I even have this dieses been going on for years

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Yea,I hope your feeling well,that’s important

yea well I guess iam not doing good but at the moment I feel good

hope you doing good to

First diagnosis of schizophrenia was 39 years ago. I was nearly 18.5…

so you must of done something like me that was really bad in a pervious life to deserve to have schizo

Over 39 years i’ve had the dx changed 3 times ie schizoaffective mixed type- personality disorder nos- paranoid personality.
The change from schizoaffective came as a result of years of bad relations with the psychiatric services . It is all too common for pdocs to attach the personality label as a stand alone dx to those they don’t like .

I got to agree with you,I always think I had done something bad in previous life,so this life I had to suffer from schizophrenia,and hopefully next life would be a good one for me as I repay my debt which I should pay

I was diagnosed as ADD/ ADHD when I was 7 or 8.

PTSD when I was 14.

OCD and alcohol problems when I was 15.

Drug problems when I was 16.

Undifferentiated Sz when I was 17.

I was diagnosed with social anxiety when I was 16. Then after years of going down hill, diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 2006.

I kept working for a few years after my diagnosis, until my symptoms became so severe that I felt it was unsafe to practice nursing anymore.

More recently, I’ve been diagnosed with panic disorder and depression in 2009.



I was first diagnosed with sz eleven years ago when I was nearly 19

I was first diagnosed with schizoaffective…11 years ago and first diagnosed with depression and anxiety…17 years ago. First diagnosed with ADD…23 years ago.

I was dx’d paranoid schizophrenia in October of 1997. Had a long battle with it during 1997 and 1998. Finally stabilized end of August of 1998. sooo…about exactly 16 years ago.

21 yrs ago aged 18 paranoid schizophrenia

I was going down hill long before my diagnosed. I first went into the hospital when I was 21 They didn’t tell me my diagnose then. I was 22 when I got my diagnosed. I’m 60 now.

20 years ago. I was 23.

My first diagnosis happened in April 2010. It was psychotic disorder nos with borderline personality disorder.

for years and years i was told i had phycosis one cpn i had told me you did this to yourself (meaning drugs)
i was living such a chaotic lifestytle and used to drink a lot to cope. i wish i had had the diagnosis earlier and been told the truth i dont like this idea og mollycoddling people and telling them the truth about there mental illness you wouldnt say to a person with arthritus we wont tell them whats wrong with them they might feel bad.

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I wasn’t diagnosed until last year, I hid my symptoms for most of my adult life, until they got too bad to hide.

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