How many times you change your religion

during the 11 years of my illness
i change my religion many times
did you do that before like me
it was nice experience to live inside different religion
but now i wont do this again
to not allow any more hallucinations or delusions


I’ve been atheist since I was 8 years old. Once classmates started telling me they weren’t allowed to play with me because their religion says I’m a bad person because of my religion, I decided it was all garbage.


I went back and forth between Christianity and Bahai’s a couple of times. I like them both.


I have switched a few times normally between baptism and atheist now I’m 100% atheist and not going back

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I originally started out as a Buddhist but after encountering a variety of people I have been a solid Christian for a good several years now.

Now I still enjoy reading about other belief systems and philosophies but I am happy with where I am at. When in a depression it’s difficult to put on a happy face but otherwise all is well.