How many times you been exposed to x rays

I been about 7 times… Once this year and twise last year and the rst many yes ago

Twice a year when I have my teeth cleaned by my dentist.

I have only been exposed to death rays…zzzaaaaaaaap.

Hmmm… I’ve never broken anything. So probably just when I’ve gotten my teeth cleaned so maybe once a year for the past 32.

Too many times to count…eek… I even had a skull X ray to see if I had any metal shavings in my eyes before an MRI…then in the MRI chamber I freaked out claustrophobic and never even had it LOL…

I can relate to death rays, but they were more like energy beams. I fought them off with randomly generated defensive creators and fought back with randomly generated offensive creators, but whoever was in control finally said they were doing offense and defense with art and exercise and I was locked in the quiet room, so I couldn’t do that. However right after that I grew the tallest “hat” they had ever seen. I’m not quite sure what that was, but I’ve heard from Falun Gong/Falun Dafa that there’s some spiritual significance to it. However, I failed the purity test and the hat was removed. Sigh. 4 years later I had the energy beams again, but I had no energy for them that time, so I let them shoot me until it went away.

i had x rays on my head, chest, arm…etc…
take care

I stay away from x-rays if possible. I usually don’t even get them when I go to the dentist. I know it is supposed to be low levels of radiation but still.