How many sz does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

I actual wrote battery instead of lightbulb if that influences any answers…I don’t have an answer…I mean I know 1 of us a could…but that’s not funny…anyone think of any good ones …

On sunday I was supposed to bake a chicken with stuffed rice and vegetables. I didn’t have time, so decided to do it today. Today I had med withdrawal so didn’t do it and now I have to do it tomorrow. I am not sure how long the whole chicken could stay in the fridge.

If I feel good tomorrow - I will bake it.

So baking a chicken tomm but not really wanting to …is how many Sz it would take to screw in a lighbulb


one would buy the lightbulb on SSDI

two would send it by DHL

third would ask the therapist to send a social worker to screw it.


I already told you.
It takes 10000 schizophrenics to screw in a light bulb. One to hold the bulb in the socket, and 999 to turn the house.

Or the simplest answer is Two: Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee.


Two. But they are paranoid and anxious about it.

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Or how many paranoid schizophrenics it takes to break a lightbulb, just one if psz has OCD checking places and things by moving a lightbulb in darkness :smile: , this has been tested already.

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schizos are fairly intelligent actually. so the real question becomes “how many lightbulbs does it take to screw in a sz?”

wow, that sounded dirty. :0

Two. But they both can’t really figure out if its a chicken or a light bulb.

Several to pool their meager moneys to buy a light buob. And a group home worth to work on their negative symptoms little by little but the thing probably won’t get done.

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