How many of you thought a famous person was in love with you

I thought a famous singer wanted to be with me Im to embarrassed to say who though now any one else have this delusion?

I thought the girl down the street liked me. She once did a commercial 40 years ago where she dressed up as a llama and stood in the background and said two words. I stalked her for three years until she confessed her uncle got her the part and she didn’t even get paid.

I was disappointed and dropped her like a hot potato and went back to stalking my old girlfriend who once almost catered a movie starring Nick Nolte in the eighties.

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i had erotomania about an ex fiancee…I wrote a book about it…

That’s a celebrity crush in reverse. I had a celebrity crush but no delusion that it was mutual. I kept trying, though. Wrote scads of letters. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I thougth grace Kelly had the hots for me

When I was a kid the first big movie my parents let me see was “Titanic”,

I hated the movie, but had this nagging feeling that Leonardo DiCaprio was trying to communicate with me.

After that film came out he was everywhere, TV, radio, magazine covers,

It was a really difficult delusion to overcome, especially at such a young age (12, 13).

Slowly reality set in and I moved on to other obsessions, but to this day I don’t watch many of his movies,

Which is a shame because he’s got some real good ones.

Paul Gigot, on the Newshour

but it was real, I swear.

“The Princess and the Schizophrenic”.
Sounds like a Disney movie.

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Yes, for awhile I thought a Hollywood actress was communicating telepathically me and that we were in love. That was before my diagnosis. It’s a problem that hasn’t repeated itself since.

Not a famous person but with a woman of the same village. Who is older and we never talked etc. Just glances. One day, I was a bit crazy and I thought that she would come in my place for sex, without any prior communication, and I prepared my place, cleared it and stayed waiting. She never came, of course.

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done that too, honey

left a key with a young guy, much younger than me,

and probably criminal.

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