Do you keep a journal/diary

I have been keeping my journal since 1999. It is therapeutic to write down my thoughts and observations.


Every year I’ll start off with a new journal.
Been keeping them for years.

Helps me with organization and helps me to see how I’m doing overall.


I’ve kept journals since at least 2005. And a few before that too. Some of the earlier ones i dont have anymore but i have all my journals since 2010. Since then I’ve filled 20 books of 190 pages each.

I write every day. Mostly reflections about my sza and replies from this group on my threads. And about my husband and I, and the ups and downs and arguments we had. And sometimes my dreams I had in night.

I can’t imagine a life without me writing in journal! It’s so therapeutic! It’s nice to get it all out of my head.


I keep a journal where i track what I eat and where I talk about my thoughts of the day. But I don’t do it every day

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Good reminder. I think I’ll start doing it regularly.

I’ve been keeping a spotty journal but there are multi month breaks in it.

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I have a journal as well. I usually write or draw more when l am on a psycotic trip. I also use
phone and pc to write in.

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I write notes on post it notes, but i usually throw it away later thinking its all nonsense.

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I used to journal … I don’t anymore… I write poems sometime in word or online…

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I did as a young girl but stopped around 13 after my mom read it and I got punished for what was in it. I don’t keep one now. They always get read. I tried writing in a password protected journal online 6 years ago, but the men who follow me read it and started talking about me and telling others about me. Everyone was in on it. People were coming to look at me and judge me for themselves. The men told my boss about me and everything. It was crazy. They still follow me to this day

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