How many of you here dont take meds or know someone who don´t - and are doing well?

From here i can think of darksith. If i remember correctly he doesn´t take meds and is doing ok - for years? Right sith answer if you read this :smile:

The second i can think of is samples32. I know she stopped medications but i don´t know how she is doing because her account was anonimized. So samples if you are reading this i hope you are doing fine and i hope you come back to the forums.

And that is all i can remembrer. On other forums i read about a woman who stopped her medication (abilify) and is doing fine without meds for the last 3 years. And a few other examples from other forums.

So there is hope. Im on a low dose and id like to try without meds in the not so distant future.

What about you, do you know of any good examples?

I´m not encouraging anyone to stop their meds. DONT STOP YOUR MEDS especially without your pdocs approval.

I spoke with my doctor & case manager about stopping meds. I know for a fact I do better off of them because I hid 9 months of non-med compliance to prove to myself it works.

It apparently doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for me. My body is still detoxing from Abilify. I still have somewhere between 3-6 months before I am considered completely “drug free” of my last several IM injections.

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I am hoping I will be able to go off meds for about a year in the future. I want to have a baby, and I can’t do that with Geodon and Amitriptyline in my system. I tried is once before, and it went well for a couple months, but then I got a nasty concussion and had to go back on them again. I don’t know how I would have done beyond those two months if I hadn’t gotten hit.

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I was off meds for 2 years and then crashed and burned. Got admitted to hospital, psychotic.

It’s the sword of damocles hanging over your head of you go off meds.

It’s a daily struggle for me to stay on meds, but the alternative is worse. Becoming psychotic at a random time in the future, not realising I’m psychotic, thinking I can fly or something. No thanks.

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i dont think i’ll ever stop meds but i still remain hopeful,

a little bit of hope can be good for you :relaxed: lol

I have Delusional Disorder since last November (2014).

I have not taken Meds whatsoever.

It is fair to say that I am struggling.

Here is my situation :-1:

  1. I developed the disorder when I initially suspected and then later got evidence of my ex-wife’s cheating and affairs and her treachery of marrying me for my money and legal issues. That is about to be sorted. She is losing the divorce case and in the end will end up with serious legal trouble.

  2. I have anxiety and delusions which hit me every 2-3 days. The Delusion persist for about 24 hours and goes away. Then I am clean for 2-3 days before it hits me again. It is recurrent.

  3. I was hospitalized once by my parents. (Which they Deeply Regret).

  4. I am keeping my job (As of Now). My boss has offered me something higher about 10 days back. He UNDERSTANDS that I am inconsistent BUT he also knows I am extremely Intelligent and capable and is quite confident that once my marriage issues are resolved I should shine brilliantly.

PS: If I take Anti-Anxiety Medications twice a day (Barbu *) I dont have delusions.

It is good that you found a medication that helps you, but why don’t you take it? You are constantly worried that someone is trying to inject you. Take the anti-anxiety meds if they help.

I don’t take meds. I am managing.

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Mistercollie why did you start taking meds again if you were well without them?

As for myself i want to try but i am also scared to be honest. Because im doing well on a low dose i am hopefull that i maybe could be without them. But i am scared. Maybe i would be able to say to myself this time it is not real if it would happen again and get help. Because i already experienced it before. I only had one episode and it sucked me in i thought it was real.

Did you ever take meds? What is your diagnosis? How long are you med free?
Thanks for replying. It means much to me.
There are not a lot of sucess stories glad you are managing.

I made it off meds once for almost 5 years. It ended for me after I tried taking drugs, whatever you do if you make it off don’t touch drugs.

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Just so you know, when patients go off their meds and relapse, they are less likely to respond to their original medication and dose the next time. @SzAdmin has a link to that study. If you are on a low dose of only one med, maybe you should just count yourself lucky and not try to stir the pot.


My doc said I had psychosis with bipolar symptoms. Another said I had symptoms of sz.
one doctor wanted to prescribe a bunch of meds but I never went through with it. I felt I could handle without meds.

I never told the one doc that wanted to prescribe me meds that I had believed I was Able to become Jesus and morph back to myself though and that did happen. I’m sure if I gave more details of my psychotic adventures they would have been much more insisting

I used to have primarily positive symptoms. But now it’s primarily negative symptoms and mood swings

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Yea i swore to myself never to touch drugs. Im sure weed led to my psychosis. I smoked it few times just to try it out. Got a massive panic attack while i was high and i had bad derealization for a year afterwards. Im cured of drdp now thank god but a year later i got cured of drdp i got psychosis. Im sure it related. It was the biggest mistake i ever made to try pot.

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I do consider myself lucky cj

I should also mention my parents are quite religious. And are anti psychiatry.

And even they were very close to taking me to the psych ward when things got really crazy.

I remember they called a pastor to come pray over me at 4am cuz they didn’t know what to do with me. Then they locked me in my room till the next day. And I was still oblivious to anything being remotely wrong the next day for a while.

Then for weeks and months they just kept telling me that it was demons in my head and that I just have to ignore them. It was a horrific time.

So that is what contributes to the decision of me not taking meds.

After a year of that I became disillusioned with christianity. But then a year later it happened again. Then the year after that it changed to being about aliens and the universe speaking to me.

Now I’m very hyper aware to never listen to voices whether good or bad it’s just way too risky

Ah psychosis is a mind freaking ■■■■

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Sounds terrible

Yeah it wasn’t the funnest of times.
But I’m moving forward

Do you have normal days? You are a fighter and i salute you.

I salute to everyone with sz that have symptoms. Luckily im symptom free.

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Yeah i have normal days. Not a ton of them but yeah they are there