How many of you have Scandinavian roots

I have Scandinavian roots those countries are known for there high rates of mental illness i think my brain lies to me so i act like a Viking or something like that don’t really no why that happens in that part of the world

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The Vikings were cool!


It’s possible long long ago, some vikings were invading and ruling russians. When i smoke weed and go psychotic i think more like a mongolian tho.

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I’m Scandinavian! Viking power! :smiley:

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Vikings envaded a lot of Europe I think they had a road going threw Russia to the middle East were the got there crucible steel to make there ulfbear swords

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That’s not true.

They were easier to like from a distance. Actually they were pretty nasty.

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According to Ancestry dna I’m %8 Scandinavian. I have some Normans on my mothers side but my aunt says I must get most of it from Y-donor.

Theres still vikings…

And according to some new evidence they helped spread cats across the world… and their hygiene was leaps and bounds better than most of their neighbors…

Also they beat columbus to america by 500 years… and with no genocide…

women were equals… were just catching up with that… they could vote…rule… and divorce… we havent had a female president yet…so their still ahead on equality… thats actually really shitty… were losing equality race with a culture who traveled by wooden boats and fought with edged weapons…

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Lief Eirikssen! An outcast but explorer!

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Yesterday was leif eiriksson day… i forgot to post about it…

I thought there high rates of mental illness made them good fighters when they envaded

I think you’re confusing mental illness with the use of psychoactive mushrooms (fly amanita). But it’s not likely that they were actually used for battle. If they were used, it would more likely be for rituals. The myth is that the berserkers used fly amanita mushrooms before going into battle because it put them into a rage, but fly amanitas don’t actually have that effect.

Had a danish great-great-grandmother

That makes no sense… they revolutionized battle tactics… and pretty much brought europe to its knees… ivar the boneless marched on paris… these were solid tacticians… plus the raiders were actually a minority… they were mostly explorers and traders… they opened trade routes with china and the middle east and brought prosperity and foriegn goods to europe… they gave us the days of the week and the comb… hardly a rabble of insanity…

Thinks for the history lesson I did not know that I don’t know everything I guess I just heard they were crazy from legend I do here there is a high suicide rate there

It’s pretty average, actually. Lower than in the US.

(9.1, 9.3 and 12.7 vs 11.9 in all of Europe)

I heard that the vikings revered the mentally ill, thinking they had some supernatural connection. So they were treated better than other societies. It wasnt all sunshine and roses in their society, but at least the ill weren’t tortured and killed outright.

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Back when they first began to over run Europe they burned and massacred everywhere they went. There was one Viking they made fun of and called him “the baby’s man” because he refused to engage in the practice of throwing babies up in the air and catching them on their spears. They might have reformed, but around the time they first invaded Europe they were just plain nasty.
Of course there were the Normans. They were a Viking culture, and they became the ruling class in just about every nation in Europe. They weren’t too bad, once they settled down.

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I have some Swedish blood. Im German Irish and Swedish.