How many of you have quit meds?

I personally have once and had no symptoms for 2 months

I am afraid of the consequences.


The longest I made it was about 6 months I think? It ended up with me in the hospital. Won’t be trying that again


I do the best i can to avoid hospital


I made it for about 2 weeks. Then had 4 police officers come to my house to escort me to hospital as I was recalled. I thought I was okay but community nurse said I was manic. I remember the police lady telling me my vocabulary was really good when I was sitting in the back of the police car.

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im sorry :frowning: are u better now

Once… It wasn’t good… Was homeless for some of it and did things for food and warmth I’m not proud of… Lost my daughter during that time… I can’t remember it very well any more

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Yes thank you Crystal.


My bad I just remembered I did go off meds twice… Learnt my lesson well after the second time

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I lasted 3 years then started smoking weed again.

I’m not sure if it was the weed but I relapsed

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After about six months of quitting meds I felt absolutely amazing. I could drive again and had all the confidence in the world. I was told that this was mania after ending up in hospital at the 12 month mark after neighbours called the Police. I was doing the most bizarre and embarrassing things.

I am back on meds now and doubt I will ever question my medication or Doctors again.

I quit my meds once ended in hospital 8 months later. Never again.

I quit for a year and landed in hospital with more meds than before cos the previous dose stopped working

I felt great for six months
Then a non compliant relapse hit and I. Was psychotic for 9 months, including dangerous bulimia and violence and a three month section finally after a 10 day stint earlier which didn’t help in any way
A year later I was back for a nine month stay in hospital including self injury bulimia again and avbsconding
This was due to my further vulnerability after the previous time

i haven’t been off meds in ages… and i’m not gonna try to go off them again. Last time they changed my meds i ended up in the psych ward again.


I tapered off and came off in 2018.

But relapsed.

I’m tempted to taper off again in the future (ps I have psychosis not sz), but I don’t know if it is a good idea

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Every time I quit I relapse and things don’t go well. I’m on them for life and okay with it.


I’d rather take meds, than the contrary and end up in the hospital. I haven’t been off meds since I started taking them in 2017, and have no plans to do so.

I went off meds 15 times

I stopped taking my meds for about a month in 2018, ended up in the hospital. Then again I tried to stop my meds at the beginning of 2020. Only lasted about 6 weeks and I had to start back on them again and I almost went back to the hospital again that time.