My IQ is 114, probably more

I was in a mental asylum when I was 14 years old and they made me do an IQ test, although I was delusional I shown a good intelligence, also my pdoc says I’m very smart, good stuff right?


No one should worry about their IQ, it’s a superficial number. What determines a person’s success in the world is their determination and discipline, not their IQ. IQ is trainable too, so that makes it even more frivolous.


I would agree there, but having a good IQ is good

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My IQ is above 100 most likely. I’ve never been tested. They assumed I was above average because I was in college.

Having a high IQ is good but what matters more is what you do with it.


I’ve taken online IQ tests before but don’t remember the results. I always have trouble with the part where they show you pictures and you have to recognize the pattern and pick the next in the series. I can’t do those at all.


Having a high IQ carries a lot of downsides too. You stop being able to relate to the average person, which makes it harder to make friends, and you start getting bored very easily, which makes monotonous, but necessary tasks, even harder to do.

I kind of wish I had not obsessed about “being smart” and results-oriented, when I was young, and instead been effort-oriented, because I would have done a lot more in the latter case. My personality is pretty established by now though, so I am forever carrying this complex of being scared off by tasks that threaten to make me feel stupid, rather than jumping in and trying new things, come hell or high water.


I have never had my IQ tested but I am a smart guy.

When I was appealing my medical board in the military they sent me to get a second opinion from a whole bunch of specialists in another state. I didn’t believe I was sick at all but the shrink they sent me too said I was paranoid schizophrenic also. One psychologist they sent me to who did this useless ink blot test said I had an anxiety disorder.

And this other special psychologist they sent me to see gave me a whole bunch of tests. It was an all day thing. I think I should have gotten an IQ out of it but they didn’t tell me that. I took English, math and writing tests and a whole bunch of memory stuff. I remember her asking me who wrote Sherlock Holmes and I knew that. But I said the most widely spoken language was Spanish and she said think population and I changed my answer to Mandarin. Probably didn’t get credit for that though. But she ruled out schizophrenia as a diagnosis. I forget what she said I had. It was something else I hadn’t heard of. I had no idea what schizophrenia was either when I got diagnosed with that.

I still got medically retired for chronic paranoid schizophrenia though so seeing all those special psychologists was a waste of time.

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I have a high IQ (or I did back in university days. I’m sure its not so good anymore). It hasn’t done any good in my life. And all I cared about when I was young was partying as much as possible.

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My pdoc always says I’ve cured my schizophrenia. Something that not so many people do at their twenties

My IQ didn’t do me any favors really. Neither did my looks. People irl thought I was a dork bc I was such a silly person (b4 MI) so I didn’t come across as intelligent. I b4 MI was intelligent though.

One guy I worked with said, “[Loke], you’re a dork!” He didn’t need to say that.


The last time I had an IQ test, I was 140. I haven’t had a recent test. It may have gone down. I heard psychosis can affect your intelligence.

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My doctor thought my IQ was 110 when I was really sick. She said when she first met me it was 120; I was schizophrenic then.

I guess it declined? I said some stupid stuff and I guess she could tell from my vocabulary and stuff. She never tested me, it was just her opinion.

She said paranoid people have to be smart for coming up with complex delusions like mine. She said mine was high enough to be a programmer or engineer.

I took an IQ test some years ago and got 129. But I took one last year on the same website and got 99. It sucks not being as smart as you used to be.

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I am pretty sure my IQ has lowered since the illness. I don’t worry about it too much. It is a little depressing knowing I’m dumber than I was. Thinking about it makes me feel like a waste of potential. My advice is don’t worry about IQ. In the end it doesn’t mean much if you don’t apply yourself.


My Achilles heel.

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what kind of pdoc is that

wish I had one like that

who tells me I’ve cured my schizophrenia.
Do you think that’s accurate as of today, for you?

I’m smart in some ways and not in others. The typical ‘spiky profile’ type , if you will. My fluid intelligence is nowhere as
good as my crystallised intelligence. My verbal is much greater than non-verbal intelligence .

I struggle with practical tasks , and have executive functioning deficits, especially organising and planning.

As people have said how you use what you’ve got is as important as what you’ve got intelligence wise.

I’m basically Forrest Gump. :muscle::sunglasses::exploding_head:

I wouldn’t say that. Give yourself more credit.


If you’re Forrest gump lol, I’m his friend in the wheelchair. I forgot his name.

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