How many of you have failed at everything you ever tried?

The following are all the met goals of my life:

Got married- Led to divorce

Graduating from beauty school- Led to nothing

Graduating from nursing school- Led to failure.

Gave birth to a baby boy- Led to his death

Recorded three albums- Led to some recognition but no money or fame.

Published autobiography- Led to zero sales.

Hooked up with a woman for 15 years- Led to the end of the relationship.

Piano lessons- After 14 years, I am still an intermediate student.

My goals have all, historically led to failure. A former psych nurse once told me that all of my failures in life were due to my sza.

I did meet a goal of going to Europe. But, that just involved putting out a lot of money.


I succeded at two things only:

Accept taking my meds

Stop thinking about suicide


Yeah, not much in my life has turned out either. I think I’m lucky because I’m still young and I have a lot of time left to try and figure out what I want to do and how I want to live. I hope you’re able to complete some of your goals. There’s this Green Day song I was listening to called Letterbomb. It talks about the singer’s sucky situation, but the chorus is more hopeful. It says:

“It’s not over 'till you’re underground
It’s not over before it’s too late.”

I hope it’s true that you can still reach your goals no matter how much or little time you have left. I wish you the best.

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Since psychosis I’ve failed at volunteering and working, but I was able to succeed in a Bachelor in Health Sciences. So not everything in my life is a failure.

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I failed at becoming a lawyer and getting married, thanks in large part to getting this illness.


Dont give up 15431234



I’m glad to know you!

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I’m a screw up also.
Someday I want to open a beer, wine, chocolate, pastry, coffee, cheese and sandwich shop ----- completely gourmet with huge selection and a place to read…


Some of those “failures” depend on perspective.

I worked three years at Kohl’s department store. I ended up getting fired. Getting fired was not a good thing and was the result of a misunderstanding. But hell, I lasted for three years at a job! And lot’s of good stuff happened while I was there. So I don’t see it as a failure. It’s not a black & white thing, I’m not going to say the experience was a 100% failure. While there I got written recognition from a couple managers. I got compliments from co-workers, several people liked me, sometimes work was fun, and I learned some things.

So I bet that you can look at your so-called “failures” and see the silver lining or see that “some good came out of the bad”. I mean for example look at the first on the list, the divorce. Some people (me included) never get married, so at least you got to try something that lots of people miss out on completely. And another thing is that seeing divorce as this huge experience in life that you failed at. You are not unique in the sense that in the U.S. 50% of marraiges end up in divorce. It’s a common life experience that no is else is going to look at you and condemn you for. It wasn’t a failure it just didn’t work out. And I bet there were times when it wasn’t that bad.

And if you look at your other “failures” you might see that you got something good out of them. You must have got degrees from the two schools, that’s something to be proud of. I’m sure some people liked you at school or you had some other good experiences. You might be touchy about your son’s death so all I will say about that is at least you had him on this earth to love, no matter how temporary.

There’s always something good that comes out of something bad.


I see a lot of success there, to be honest.


I have. Seems like everything I touch turns to crap. I failed at becoming a nurse, my mental illness cost me my CNA job thanks to missing too much time, I did good at freelancing but eventually gave up, I wrote one book under my own name and haven’t finished the second after 5 years. My kids are misbehaving constantly now. At least my marriage is good, but I worry about my husband’s health.


Maybe true failure is to not try at all.


Had piano lessons from age 8-13. Never got good enough to take grade 1
Got ill and never took A levels.So never went to uni
Never had a job
Never learnt how to drive

With wife for 22 years.That ended with her death
Have 1 stepdaughter who loves me as do her daughters


Failed at some things, which i focus on too much. Best not to do that. Better to have a mindset of success. Maybe it was beyond our control.


I have probably failed at more things than won but i keep trying, that’s the main thing, the hope is still alive for another win, i’d rather be optimistic about things bc a good outlook is invaluable imo

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Thank you @velociraptor.

You’re so right, @77nick77.

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Yeah, I know, that’s why they pay me the big money.

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Most practical piano only needs an intermediate level of skill anyway. What do people want to hear? - pop tunes, Christmas songs, carols and secular, Happy Birthday, etc. So you should be able to please a lot of folks with your skill. Have you ever tried doing a sing-a-long in a nursing home?


I’ve failed at a lot of things in my life, but I’ve also done a few great things in my eyes. I’d rather be remembered for my successes in life than my failures.