How many of you have been sectioned against your will

Ive been sectioned about five times against my will. Persoanlly I see no shame in that…I was just ill at the time in my beliefs…the cops sectioned me 4 times and another time was by a paramedic team. Sometimes when you don’t see how ill you are you need the help of others to bring you to hospital


I’ve been hospitalized over twenty times, and of all those times, there were just one or two where I asked to be hospitalized. A few times I fought my commitment in court, to no avail. Sometimes I think it is just the nature of the bureaucracy to hospitalize you when you don’t want to be hospitalized, and to dismiss your symptoms when you do want to be hospitalized.


Yes me too…I have been begging to be hospitalized the first year of my illness, with no success, and then I finally crashed as I already predicted and was hospitalised against my will. I have been sectioned something like…7? 8? times. Not the best times of my life…I hate hospitals, feel totally trapped, dont agree with their treatments, cant adjust to the parernalizing rules and activities and often ran away in a psychotic mood, even to another country. I did sometimes fight it in court with success, I at times have the dangerous gift of argueing convincingly, calmly and rationally when I am secretly quite psychotic.

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I’ve been kept against my will several times. Usually brought to the hospital by the police or an ambulance while I was so confused and then they wouldn’t let me go. Except for one time or was probably for the better. Once I think they were wrong to have kept me. I think they just got used to seeing me and kept me when I was simply having a bad day. Small town life I guess.

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Once I was brought in by the police and got wrapped up in the judicial system for sharing delusions with a 911 operator. I have no choice but to stay in the hospital till they let me go. Two other times I asked to be released , Even though I voluntarily came in I have know say on when I can leave.

Twice, since becoming ill last October!

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“How many of you have been sectioned against your will”

stopped counting how many times I’ve been taken to hospital by cops.

but can’t remember last time I was committed.
I’m improving.


I was in hospital and they toke me court then I had to stay in hostpal for 6 months

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5150’d and then 5250’d repeatedly throughout my 20’s, sometimes 2 times a year, for months at a time. Over 10 times, probably more like 15. Once I was in, I found it difficult to get back out. They never wanted to let me leave, even when I was about 80% better.

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I was put in 3 times against my will by the military. My 4th trip I signed a piece of paper willing to go for 10 days or they told me a judge would commit me for 30. Fortunately, that was my last trip 5 years ago.


i was hospitalised when i was younger. My friend who i thought i could trust told the cops about my hallucinations.


Only once.

My first hospitalization was against my will. I wasn’t violent but I left my car in the middle of a busy highway with my purse and cat in it so I could go walking down the street talking to my ‘audience’. I thought I was being filmed in a documentary.
Cops picked me up and took me to the regular hospital, hospital checked me for drugs (none) and then took me to the triage center where I was dancing down the halls and speaking in foreign accents. I stayed the night and they admitted me to the mental hospital the next day.

I have been hospitalized voluntarily 2 other times. Once for a suicide attempt and once for severe paranoia.


Another fellow Frequent Rider!

Had my card stamped 25 times (involuntarily) for sailing, sailing, on~ the~ Luna-see.
Started in the Fall of 1996 until I was ‘retired’ in the Fall of 2007. ~Gasp~ 25 times in 11 years, that’s a lot of paperwork.

Mostly by angry pdocs, sometimes by the spooks, and at least once by a cop that was following orders on the notes at the PD, I’m sure, otherwise, it could have only been because I wouldn’t let them search my car. “Why not? Do you have something illegal in your car?”
“Then why won’t you let us look through your car?”
“Because I can.”
“0000oo00o00o, She knows her rights. Well then, you need to go ‘talk’ to someone at the hospital.”
I’ve lost my 5150’s, 5250’s, and 5360’s, in the face of a judge.
Do they even have 5360’s anymore?

I don’t even know what those numbers mean. Splain, Lucy…

California Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC)

WIC 5150 Also known as 72 hour holds.
“Detention of Mentally Disordered Persons for Evaluation and Treatment” for a period of 72 hours for persons alleged to meet the legal criteria of being a danger to self or others or gravely disabled due to a mental disorder (See WIC 5150 for more detail).

WIC 5250 Also known as 14 day holds.
“Certification for Intensive Treatment” for a period of 14 days for persons alleged to meet the legal criteria of being a danger to self or others or gravely disabled due to a mental disorder (See WIC 5250 for more detail).

WIC 5260 Also known as additional 14 day holds.
“Additional Intensive Treatment of Suicidal Person” certification for an additional period of 14 days beyond WIC 5250 (the first 14 days) for persons who are allegedly imminently suicidal due to a mental disorder (See WIC 5260 for more detail).

WIC 5270.15 Also known as 30 day holds.
“Additional Intensive Treatment” for an additional period of 30 days beyond WIC 5250 (the first 14 days) for persons who were gravely disabled on the first 14 day hold and allegedly remain gravely disabled due to a mental disorder (See WIC 5270.15 for more detail).

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Thank you :slight_smile: 151515

I bet that if you had wanted to go to the hospital they wouldn’t have let you in. That’s the system for you.