Questioning your diagnosis?

cI’ve been wondering my diagnosis. I have experienced psychotic breakdowns x3 times and the previous x2 occasions I self admitted myself into hospital because i knew i was unwell.

Regardless to me knowing when i was well or not, on x3 separate occasions I become sectioned over a mix up with a tax disc from a garage and them owing my gf £277.

I become arrested for breach of the police and sectioned then this was removed pre appeal. A couple of days later I received a visit from x3 people for a mental health assessment which entailed a nurse asking if I would go back to the hospital. I said no thanks I’ve just come back from there unnecessarily. “Your being detained using the mental health act”. I answered by saying “look theres nothing wrong with me”. I showed the Dr’s and nurse what I had written down one 1x piece of paper and said “here read this then you’ll understand that i just want the money owed to my gf”.

The nurse refused to read what i had written and said this was a sign of not being well in writing everything down. He didnt want to call an ambulance so
i got in his car and went back to the hospital. I went to the smoking room and when my psychiatrist came to the door I refused to speak to her. I had just been unnecessarily sectioned again and thought that nothing would come to not speaking to her.

To my horror I was informed by one of the nurses that i would be having an acuphase injection. I had received acuphase when i was first detained in 2002 when i was really unwell. I woke up after a couple of days, blacked out and hit my head and was overdosed because half my body wouldnt work and was contorted.

I was really worried about having this injection again so i escaped from the hospital and went on the run. A couple of hours later the police picked me up and took me back to the hospital. No one would listen to me when all i wanted was my gf to be repaid the owed money.

In 2015 i wrote a story about all this unnecessary mental health attention over this missing money, how i become sectioned x2 before and arrested over this situation. I blamed my father for my psychotic last breakdown therefore i was claiming that i was the victim of abuse. x3 Dr’s visit me in my house without knowing the background, I become sectioned a third time when complaining about services of police and Dr’s when all i wanted was the owed money to be repaid.

The last Dr that diagnosed me as being a paranoid scitzo after i said i didnt like the way my father spoke to me or the way he gets me working in his garden. The Dr replied by dropping a pen on the floor and asking if he did it on purpose or not. I didn’t understand why he was asking this question and not answering my problems. He bumbled about saying he didn’t have much time and had other patients to see and says its good to work in the garden, gets the muscles going then sings me of as being a paranoid scitzo.

For more information and a couple of chapters of my book i wrote visit google and search for david mellen caerleon and visit the knowhere guide site. Here he defends himself when going to court for fraud. He was found not guilty because the judge had issue the company name was against.