How many of you are socially active?


I was wondering if anyone here is socially active? Who go out daily.
I am having bouts of depression (sort of) in evening. I am restless at that time. Can’t sit quiet in one place. Or relax. I feel extreme boredom at that time. I am sick tired of it.
When I told my mom about this she said that it was because of social isolation. My psychiatrist has told the same thing. But when I tried to socialize it was a really boring experience. I no longer enjoy it.


I’m socially active within a limited circle of friends. I get nervous when there are too many people in one place, but I try to spend time with people every day if I can. Tonight I’m going to an archery practice with some new friends, it’s a small group so I feel comfortable.


It’s nice to know that. You are lucky to still have some friends with whom you can spend time with. I have few friends but most of them are away for higher studies. But even when they come to see me I am nervous because they have gone ahead than me in many aspects of life and I still haven’t done anything significant in world’s eye. Every time I meet someone outside they ask me about what I am doing? At that time I have no answer.


I had a similar problem when I was in the grips of depression. I finally just started forcing myself to get out of the house to do stuff and talk to people. I’d be miserable while doing it but feel better afterwards when I got home back in my comfort zone, some of the restless energy went away


Very much a social introvert. A weekly therapy session and the odd small talk with the local checkout people can do me all week. One thing that’s helped me is getting out of the house for a walk each day. Stops the walls closing in on me A few options for you is joining a offline support group. Great place to get support also talk about what you’re going through with people who understand in real time. Would also help you build up social skills and make friends. Are many social groups around but disclosure is often an issue. Currently I’m reading how to make friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie. Which is one of the bestsellers in social skills self help area. Might be worth a read at anyrate. .


i have no friend, my family are the ones with me right now.
i used to have very good life before onset symptoms come. then i start becoming to isolate my self, lost my job, my health, etc…
sr for my bad english.


I don’t know, I was never super social - I had a group of close neighborhood - school friends pre illness days.
I was never outgoing - after my last big break - years ago I dont have the huge desire to have friends or join social groups.
I do however allow certain family members to come over the house - I dont mind family in smaller groups.
Not socially active at all


I get because I have a job. But I can be Ok with small fast interactions with strangers.

I can hang out with a few family and a friend or two. But large groups get too confusing for me.

I can’t keep up in crowded places. Too much going on. But a quiet meal with a friend or my sis. One on one… I do better.


Same here. There was a spell when I was attending a weekly social group via the rehab and recovery team but that ended around July/August. Apart from that it was occasionally seeing family and step family. Now on most weeks I am on my own 99% of the time. Unless there is something like a mental health drop in/social group to go to I feel uncomfortable/don’t know how to get into a social situation.


do i belong to a club or org…no just a band. and if i go out i hate it people suck…god unfreindy shits


I stay fairly isolated, except Dr appointments and having to go the store. It takes me an hour of mental preparations before I enter an environment where there are groups of people. Family and a few friends are an exception. I am getting better over time. It’s just a process, but yes being socially active is something I’m working hard to accomplish.


I usually go where the homeless hang out. Saturday breakfast at a church, $1.00 coffee shop,thrift stores. Everyone makes an attempt being social at these places.


These days I visit the local mental health clubhouse for art therapy, interact with a roommate sometimes and even spend the occasional afternoon hanging out with a friend.


[quote=“geeknoid, post:1, topic:14401”] when I tried to socialize it was a really boring experience. I no longer enjoy it.

I have found for me, I practice listening to other people and making the appropriate comments.
People love to talk about themselves and love attentive listeners. Then you learn about other people and can decide if you want them to know anything about you.

Then you will know if you have any common interests and then can start discussing them.
Maybe even become a friend. The choice is yours. You are in control.


At the church breakfast everyone talks about episodes of Sons Of Anarchy, Game Of Thrones, Politics.


I’m married, so by default I get to talk to someone daily. It’s nice to have him to get me out of the house, even if it is only to go to the store up the street.


no…but i am married so that’s social !?!
take care


You’re an inspiration. How you’re doing at work? I’m soon starting a new job and won’t mind your advice


Congratulations on getting a new job. What sort of job are you doing?


Not me, but I have some friends I hang out with once in a while which God wants me to avoid because he says they are bad influences. They ask me to drink alcohol and smoke. God wants me to start a new life that is according to his will.