How many of you are socially active?


I usually go out on Friday nights. The other day I went downtown with my friend and his girlfriend. I date pretty frequently, I go on dating sprees and one time I was dating three guys at once and seeing a girl. Lol


sorry about the social inclusion,

i have a couple of social events each week like my counselling class and my church.

i can trust the people there and have shared with them that i have a mental illness and its been a good reaction, you can do a lot of good depending and talking to people can open a lot of doors.


My story is a little bit like yours. I was never super social. I am kind of socially reserve and sensitive since childhood. I had some friends till high school. But never close ones. I still don’t want to go out and make friends. I even have difficulty maintaining old friendships. But I don’t want regret it later in life. I think no one wants to.


I have read it before somewhere probably on how to socialize guide on web. But I couldn’t really implement it well. Any thoughts?


I wonder if marriage can be considered as socializing?


So you are doing things because god wants you to. Do you want to do them or just for gods sake?


Well I’m going to socialize more now on my own terms :smile:


Its some sort of planning and reporting, I will be doing analysis for a warehousing operations of multiple warehouses across the region, layout designs, setting performance parameters and excel work.


Usually in the bigger cities they have “emotions anonymous” groups - groups for people who are troubled but have no addiction. They’re a twelve step group.


That sound great. I take it… you won’t be stuck in a cubicle… you’ll be out and about doing stuff. Hopefully you won’t have to work in large groups.

I know I’m too restless to be in a cubicle… I get too amped up to be in a tiny box of a cubicle for too long. So glad I’m out in the field.

It also helps like I genuinely like my job. So it helps me keep going.


When I was in school I was able to meet guys easy.
But of course socializing was impossible at that time.

AFTER I had jobs, I was also able to talk more and pretend to blend in.
I met people with interests.
A backgammon club, a sailing club, a ping pong club, a young adult church club, etc.

So after 10 years of dating, I went on a marriage mission.
I had lots of practice talking to people by then.
The church club was the best as it seemed to be a marriage club with members pairing up
and then getting married. So I went with that plan.


I work so I am around some people. If I didn’t work, I think I’d be more isolated. I’m not good making friends.


I have a few circle of friends, I called it acquaintances though than friends. I am socially active even to the strangers. The famous band came to visit our town, and I was one of their praps to make people laughing. It was fun though and I laugh a lot and I act as in real life too. Many people phone on the radio station who are the one sponsors the Famous band the JBrothers to performed the concert here, and people told on the phone that they are so happy because I was dancing and making funny with the JBrothers band too.

It is so nice feelings if many people are happy too. I enjoyed a lot, even though I encountered too many problems. But my problems are dissappeard when I laugh with my mother and on stage with the JBrothers.


I’m fairly social. I’m weirdly an extroverted introvert, so I can get along with anyone but get socially exhausted quickly. I’ve always had a decent size of friend groups.

But that might be because socialization is therapeutic for me. It distracts me from the psychosis and can shift my mindset, quiet the voices, etc. I was deeply depressed and withdrawn in middle school so I didn’t have friends for a while there…it made the depression about 1000 times worse to be socially isolated…but it doesn’t help all people. One of my other friends I’d always pester her to hang out with us because she was depressed. It ended up putting a lot of pressure on her (because she had social anxiety and did not tell me) and she hated me after that. You do what you think will help you. Socializing may not be the best option. Everyone is different.


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I try to be socially active. I am awkward as hell and all too matter-of-fact, but I try, ya know?


I`m socially active, I participate in theraphy workshops. :slight_smile: