How Many of You Are Boring People With Boring Lives

Heck! I am exciting. Always trying something new and with an ass as cute as mine I can do whatever.


I’m not boring. Actually I am hardly ever bored.

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Yup. Sounds about right for me too.

I don’t often feel bored, but maybe that’s because I have lots of background distractions. I could probably tolerate a bit more excitement in my life.

That’s awesome! Be goofy! Get silly! I have to text my brother two jokes a day. It’s fun!

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I have a boring life in that it is mostly spent at work. But having some coin spices it up a bit.

I don’t think I’m boring or have a boring life. Average probably. I go out occasionally, nothing too exciting but gets me out of the house, and just being goofy and sarcastic helps not have a boring day. At home I do various things, I was told at a group therapy thing “your head is a bad neighborhood. Stay out of it.” Totally true for me, I can turn 5 mins of thinking into a 2 hour snake pit so I read, do this, play my guitars, record, hang out with my rabbit (he rocks), occasionally do some art…so prob not boring. Except maybe to a free climber or one of those guys who tightrope walks over volcanos. They are NOT boring.

After thinking about this I suppose I can be boring to certain people at certain times, it’s all relative. I remember talking about Star Wars to my ex-gf, she had never seen it and I could tell I was boring her. And vice versa, she would go on about stuff I didn’t care about. My friend had all kinds of Star Wars toys from his childhood and we didn’t find it boring at all.

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I would be boring person. Bland and dull. Don’t like traveling. Not a foodie. No friends.

Weird to admit I am not close to people around me but they make me a boring person with rich life.

There is lot of gossip around. Places I spend time at have lot of people around my age. Someone gets laid. Others get jealous. Partners come to place because they won’t receive calls.

Lot of drama and politics in family. She did this said this. He did that. :triumph: Frustrating, annoying and entertaining at same time. :joy:

Some days go well. On others there is lot of ignoring and cold behavior.

I’m a boring person with a boring life. I live with family now. Have for the past year. Was in a hospital for a year before that. I just read books and worked in the greenhouse. I listen to NPR and music stations. I read a little bit. I miss my life. I used to live in another city and volunteered. I was playing music with another musician who wrote his own stuff. We giiged a little bit. I feel very alone. Before that I was in an inpatient house for people with substance abuse and mental health stuff. MEt a lot of people there. I had a relationship for a few years. Really just someone I spent weekends who was 45 minutes south. I mainly took the train. Been single too long. It’s a pattern. I spend years being reclusive mainly at my parents house. If I’m around people I meet someone. Bujt I don’t know how to meet anyone when I’m reclusive. It’s mainly been mental health programs in my life where I meet people. When I was 18 I wasn’t diagnposed yet and had a job, a girlfriend who wouldn’t now understand my life and a band I was playing with. We had parties on the weekend and I had a good life. Now I’m in the mental health system court ordered for no reason. I had a family member lie about things I didn’t say and it got renewed recently by the court. I had people stop by to talk other than that I have brief phone conversations with the psychiatrist every 2 or 3 months. In my mid 20’s I was living with a woman I met at a therapeutic comminuty who had a place in a local city. We would take vacations north and went house shopping on the cape. We read the new york times every morning and she was very well read. I miss her. She died in 2013 I belive of a suicide. Now my life is just boring. I miss having friends around. They all moved away. I talk to family now and it gets me through the day.

Well, pretty boring.
But poetry makes my life colourful and amazing.
I live the life of a monk.
Working piously on my poems.

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