How Many of You Are Boring People With Boring Lives

This reminds me of the time I was inpatient. I’ve got to be close with this pretty lady with curly hair and started playing that game we throw little pouches of sand through a hole.

She asked me “ are you bored?” In a British accent.

I couldn’t deny it… I was being boring…

Even if she was pretty.

I thought tourettes only happened from birth…?

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Sheri, it doesn’t matter what is not supported on here,

you know you’re one of the best, and don’t need validation.

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Where do you meet such ppl with sz? Mental health club?


My friends don’t find me boring, I can talk a lot. But I am sure I am boring to some ppl.


Sometimes conversations with me are boring. I talk to myself like I have tourettes sometimes don’t know what is up with that. Not on clozapine though. A little while ago I told my roommate he’s going to kill his pet lizard. I say all sorts of things.

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I lead a pretty boring life these days, but I’d say I’m more bored than boring.


I’m a boring person with a boring life. I have no friends here… I just do assignments… study and watch stuff…

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I guess not… He got it after sz. When he changed his, medications. When he changed them again the tourettes became less

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Yes it was a mental health group. From a charity called MIND.

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I’m a boring person. I do have a good sense of humor if nothing else. I can still find reasons to laugh. Maybe my sense of humor is silly but it gets me by. Conversations with friends on the phone usually end up into me asking them how they managed to dial my number with their sausage fingers.:slightly_smiling_face: That type of stuff. We go back and forth.


I’m boring. I live in boredem. But still stick to cigarettes and the computer and consoles. Being in real total nothing is too much for myself. And I’m bad in social interactions, like conversations. On a party I’m the one who talks the less.

The only thing I do is smoke, watch videos and lay in bed. Occasionally I play a game or go out to buy myself some food or something to drink. But it’s just mostly cigarettes, watching videos and laying in bed for most of the days.


For what?

I’m boring as hell! I don’t give a ■■■■, that’s the way I roll!


Im totally boring. Up at 5am - have the usual 6 eggs for breakfast, and then im stuck on the sofa watching inane crap off the internet till i bog off to bed at 6pm.

Its like when your not working - or seeing anyone for days at a time, you dont have anything to talk about.

My highlight of the week usually involves flirting with the girl behind the counter at the chemist when im picking up my weekly meds lol.

From the outside I have a boring life. Studying, walking, drinking coffee… But from the inside things are more entertaining.


I’ve got to be the most boring person on the planet. I rarely go anywhere and when I do, it’s always to the same places, seeing the same people, and doing the same things. Day after day after day.

I’m of the belief that boring is good for mental health. It sure is good for me.

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I’m living a boring life, so I must be a boring person. But I think the liars and abusive people who are mostly responsible, are way more boring than I’ll ever be.


Yes. I chuckled reading this.

I have a very limited lifestyle. For the most part it suits me, but it’s definitely not a springboard for scintillating conversation.