How often do you do laundry

I was just curious how often do you do laundry it seems like i have no motivation to do it anymore

I took the pillow case off, and my pillow looked like an injury bandage from the Civil War.


If it was up to me it would never get done, I will wear the same thing for at least a week at a time, but thankfully my wife takes care of it. She does it almost daily because our kids make a lot of dirty clothes

Once a week. But I don’t wash my own clothes very often. It’s mostly Mr Turtle’s work clothes and his and my own knickers.

It’s winter here now and grey and cloudy and rainy so I can’t hang clothes outside to dry and we don’t have a drying machine so I do the towels whenever I get the chance, which isn’t very often.

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Winter? Where do you live?

Not as much as I should


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I try to do at least 2 loads a week!

The first is normally the cloths I’ve worn during the week!

The second being my bedding and towels on a 90degC wash :wink:


I do laundry once a week - mostly one load, but sometimes two. I’m going to have to shower twice today. I showered this morning, and I forgot I had to mow the lawn this afternoon. (They pay me to do it.) Large parts of the lawn were dead, and when the mower went over them great clouds of dry dirt billowed up. I was sweaty, and the dirt stuck to my sweating body. I am covered with dirt. I’m going to wait till I stop sweating and then take a cool shower.

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I don’t do my laundry very often.

It’s long past time that I do it

I basically do my laundry when I have 2 pairs of trousers and 2 t shirts to wash . The time can vary from a week to 2 weeks. I need to change my bedding but that’s an uphill struggle for me to get motivated to do it.

Once a week. If i have clothes to fill the machine, if not, once every two weeks.

When need be. I wait for my canvas bag to fill up. I enjoy doing the wash, but the machines make a loud noise I don’t like. I have to shut the door to the laundry. I like the simplicity of it all, esp folding and putting away.

I used to do 2 loads of laundry a week, One is towels, the other all my clothes. My current husband can’t stand me washing all my dark and whites together in one load, but I love muted colors, so he tries to sneak them in his loads.
Wouldn’t mind so much, but I have to get a hunting license just to find out where he puts all my clean clothes, I find them all-over -the-bedroom.