New Schizophrenia Forums Growing Well - Thanks for Joining

Hi Everyone,

The new forums have been switched on as our main forum for about a month now and things are going really well. We have almost 500 people signed up, over 10,000 messages posted (a little over 300 messages per day on average), and new users are joining at the rate of well over 10 people a day.

We’re still going to be working to improve the performance of the site over the coming few weeks as it still isn’t performing as well as I want it to.

As more people join and more messages get posted it will make sense to add new forums so that people can follow and participate in the sub-forums that are of most interest to them.

Let me know what new forums you think we create - so we can think better about how we can improve these forums.



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I for one loved the school and work forum of the other site. This new thread of “accomplishments today” can get a bit long as a thread, but it might make a great sub section.

Just some ideas… Thank you for this site.