How many meds do you take?

Man that’s a lot. I feel bad for you…

I take risperdal, klonopin, cogentin, effexor, depakote,lisinipril, lipitor,zyrtec, levothroid, metformin and motrin.

Wow that’s a lot XD That must suck

Meds keep me alive and well, I am feeling quite good and I have all my meds well organized on one table, I have glaucoma and for it I have some eye drops that keep my eye pressure low, although I have some damage already in my eyes, over a year ago my eye doc told me not to drive an auto, but after further exams I was allowed to drive again, these glaucoma eye exams are quite automated to analyze how well eyes work.

I take non, but I have Phagophobia so even if I was deep down in pain I can’t swallow a Panadol or any pain killer, all pills stuck in my throat.
now I know why pharmaceutical companies fight fiercely any medical discovery that eliminates drug usage…

I take prolixin (fluphenazine) for antipsychotic, synthroid med, high blood pressure med, cholesterol med, and trazadone for sleep…

I take Bupropion xl for depression, mirtazapine for depression and sleep, xanax when i get anxious, hydrochlorothiazide for blood pressure, and invega for the voices.

I take about thirteen different medications everyday. And an injectable AP twice a month. Not all of my meds are for psych issues. I have a lot of physical health issues too.