Can all sz comrades list down your medication?

Can all you guys comrades list down your psychiatric medication and how well are you doing in life

Personally I only take 2 psychiatric medication,abilify 5mg and mirtazapine 15mg,I consider myself functioning ok and I feel contend but long for more improve

I only take 5mg Abilify, and it seems to have been working well for around 2.5 years or more. I do get anxious on it but i can bear that over anything else. I’ve also been able to hold down a job although i quit my recent one out of boredom. I need a challenge.

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If someone is taking 5mg of Abilify, there is no real antipsychotic activity involved. 10mg and up is where it begins.
5mg is acceptable as an antidepressant but a weak one

But my symptoms is controlled I would get thought block if I take more,that’s why I don’t take more but I won’t refuse if my doctor insist

Well thats good then, if 5mg is working for you great. Abilify did nothing for me at 2mg to 25+ mg - I guess we are all built differently

I was on 100 mg Seroquel, Zoloft, and I was sedate. But nothing helped my negative symptoms.

Then I got switched to 50 mg Seroquel and 40 mg Latuda and got taken off the Zoloft and put on Xanax and bang, I woke up. I up, have my job, more likely to do stuff. The latuda has an anti-depressant quality and that helps. The less Seroquel helps me stay awake and get moving.

I’m on Abilify 20mg, seroquel 300mg and Fluoxetine 20mg.

I feel fine, but the voices are still present. Fluoxetine is for depression, i’ve only had it for a month but it sure helps a lot already. I don’t feel as depressed anymore. I stopped isolating me from other ppl.

30 mg Zyprexa, 600 mg Seroquel, 1500 mg Metforem, 0.36 mg Pramipexole, 35 mg three blood pressure meds, some eye drops and daily painkillers such as aspirin or burana.

Latuda 120
Seroquel 800
Mirtazapine 30
Trazodone 100
Klonopin 1 x 3

This regimen is working very well for me at the moment!



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Risperidone 2mg, Fluphenazine decanoate every 3 weeks 25 mg, Ziprazidone 160 mg, Bupropion XL 150 mg and Zolpidem 10 mg when needed. Rarely Bromozepam 1,5 mg. I also take supplements Sarcosine, L-lysine, and L-methylfolate.

450 mg clozapine. 15 mirtazapine. 2000mg metformin. sinvasatison . hyasince. the pill and when needed lorazapam and zopiclone.
yeah i know i do rattle when i walk

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I’m taking 550mg of clozapine per day, I’m also experimenting with supplements such as sarcosine, NAC, and d-serine which are working well. I’m doing alot better than I was before I took the clozapine but sitll not 100%.

I take 30mg of Abilify and 100mg Epitec. In addition to that I take meds for my high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.

was on 400mg amisulpride (Solian) which worked well, then was switched to 3mg haloperidol which didn’t. So going to ask my pdoc on Thursday to put me back on the Solian

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My psych meds are 8mg Risperdal, 600mg Seroquel, and 10mg Lexapro. I also take Toprol XL for tachycardia, Metformin for PCOS, Folic Acid, Vitamin D, and Lovaza for lipids. I’m doing pretty well. I have to get off the Risperdal though because my Prolactin levels were high. My pdoc was talking about trying Latuda or Clozaril. :sunny:

If you have to switch, I would highly recommend Latuda. I’ve been on it for a few years (as soon as it came out), and I’ve been thriving on it. Even more so than I did with Clozaril, which I was on 800 mg for 3 years.

I hope it works out for you!



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Thanks Anthony. I want to try the Latuda because the side effects aren’t as extreme as the Clozaril. I’m already pre-diabetic and don’t want to develop diabetes. My pdoc said she had a client who tried every AP without success. He tried Latuda and it actually worked for him. :sunny:

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I take 1.75mg risperdone before bed, and i am still tired of enduring all the side effects the med causes.

SZA here. currently Seroquel @ 300mg, Celexa @ 40mg, Bupropion @300mg, and for blood pressure i take lisinopril.

I’m doing okay i guess, but theres a lot of room for improvement. My positive symptoms are coming back under control, and my mood is above depression level but I just can’t snap back and be fully functional yet. I have a meltdown every 2 to five years that can really destroy what i’ve got going in life, and I’m currently still terrified of it happening again. After four or five of them, I’ve decided to try for social security disability benefits (USA here). I do a small amount of things like cooking dinner (most) every night, helping feed and litterbox the cats, a little bit of house cleaning (still a long way from clean but its a work in progress) and religiously going to my therapy/pdoc appointments. Oh and I’ve been able to do some shopping easier these days. I’ve spent a lot of time in life at this level of 1/2 and 1/2 functionality. I’m not content, especially with financial hardship, but I’m staying positive about things and doing what I can.

Marriage of two years is still intact.

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Friend,your Solian had controlled the symptoms for you,I can’t seems to know why you change it?