Are you lonely?

Hey guys, as above, thoughts?


I’m a loner and I like it


I am a lone lonely lonner,

But I get through days…

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I like to just hang out with family…other than that I think deep down inside I would like a friend or two but these days I just don’t know. I dunno :man_shrugging:


I used to feel more lonely when I was young I don’t really get lonely feeling much now


Something that is lonely (!)
Insomnia nights!!!
And living alone is in general quite lonely so i keep contact with friends and wish i was out more !


I’m really inept socially, and I don’t have anyone I spend time with besides my husband. When I’m off for the summer, like now, I’m alone most of the time. In some ways it’s a relief because I don’t have to practice any social skills like I do when I’m at work, but I am lonely…I feel like I’m permanently lonely. It’s hard because I stress when I’m around people, but I feel like I want to have friends. I get lonely and feel sorry for myself because apparently nobody really likes me, but I also don’t want to put in the effort to keep in touch with people. I never know what to say. So much of my life is lived in my head that what’s left is too boring to hold a conversation.

I’m lonely, yes.


i have hardly ever really felt lonely until the last few days
usually it’s something i avoid by filling my time or my life with company
it’s really horrible if it’s intense
i feel lonely in my relationship with my husband
alone apart alone together kind of lonely

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Yes, very. I’ve surrounded myself with friends, but I still have to fake enjoying myself in their company. It’s a good way to stave off boredom, but I could go the rest of my life without ever seeing any one of them again and it wouldn’t affect me.

I know, because I have had them get busy with their lives and not talk to me for weeks on end. And, like, meh? They feed my ego, and that’s good enough for me.

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I am on occasion, bud I have a pretty good ability to keep myself entertained even when I am alone.

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I am not lonely and don’t feel lonely.

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I have a recurring dream where I have a girlfriend and we are in bed together just cuddling.

Then I wake up and go back to being alone like I have been the last ten years.

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I get a bit lonely for my kinda people who I’m comfortable with and who I vibe Beautifuly with and who don’t supress me or put me down disrespect etc but instead appreciate respect love etc

I’m a minority with my beliefs and stand.

Also I avoid majority of people specially family who don’t treat me right and think I’m less than them n they are so superior and I’m trash.

I rather be alone n avoid them.

My sister and nephew knocked on my door yesterday but they were hateful to me when I was loving to them.
I believe they are nazis and i don’t want anything to do with them.

I rather be alone than with people who you are uncomfortable with and who don’t love n value you or treat you well or who are fake while in reality they are horrible to you anc they give of bad vibes.

The only person I’m comfortable with is my boyfriend so if he breaks up with me I will be alone all the time.

I avoid family.not comfortable with them and in all honesty they have some hate for me possibly a tiny bit of love from some of them.

Some are nazis others definitely racist but pretend they are not and they are perfect socialites with dinners , parties weddings every weekend and so popular and so many friends.

I don’t have friends.
I have two x boyfriends I see as my friends but we hardly ever have contact definitely not weekly.
They live in Sweden.

One x boyfriend is nnwas jealous of me because I don’t work.he had awful temper n hate.he had nice funnny sides but don’t want deal with haters.

I don’t hate anyone.

I avoid those who treat me badly, supress me, hate on me , bad vibes at me etc

My people may be a minority.

Maybe that’s why I don’t have friends.

I don’t want to be friends with anyone .i want to be picky.polite and kind to all but picky who gets to be close to me.

I have some lovely Facebook friends but we won’t meet in person amd live far away from each other.

There are no real chat forums online anymore.
I loved passagen but they closed that down.

I would love to have friends amd awuaimtances.

I don’t want friends jealous of me or competing with me .I’m not that type of person myself so don’t need sh it like that.

I almost made a girlfriend but I think our beliefs in hierarchy were opposite so we couldn’t be friends if she wanted me to obey her.
I should obey no one.
Don’t need power crazed friends like that so stuck up.

No no friends as such.

No friends to meet , chat with …

I get lonely but I need lots of time to myself and I’m not comfortable around that many people perhaps.

I’m not comfortable with my family.
Can’t stand being with them sometimes n feel awful in their stuck up socialite company where they think they are better than me and I’m trash.

My people I may meet one day.i hope so.
Then I won’t be lonely.

I will probably still need time to myself a lot but less so probably.

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Once in a great while I get lonesome. But my handsome tuxedo cat and my brother keep me in good company. :blush:


I get lonely on my day off. I have Tuesdays off. I haven’t always been lonely on my days off. On Geodon I don’t take naps anymore, so the days are longer. I’ve gotten used to it though. I have a few friends. I wish I had one to visit with on Tuesdays.

i am lonely to a point

i have my mom and dogs but i still feel lonely because my mom doesnt understand what i go threw to exist each day

my dogs are great but it would be nice if i had a human friend

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