How many here have stopped watching tv?

I felt a female news reader attacked me and all the shows I watched were up to mischief and bitching on me or stealing or so .
Some work with my eons .
I think I had channels taken too.
Been pretty nasty to me n lied n incited hate.
I might have difficulty with films now too.

May be ill get back in to tv and film .

I think I’ve done comedy with eons n other Things too.

How are you with tv?

Do you have pay tv?

Can you watch tv?

Do you avoid tv?

I only read news headlines on yahoo or msn.

I can’t read news papers.

I used to think the news people could see me and were laughing and stuff at me, Other shows were sending me messages, I’m okay now and would go crazy without it, alone 99% of the time so TV and computer my only social outlet.

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About a year before I was hospitalised I stopped watching TV.

I can now watch TV without thinking I’m e.g. being mind controlled or something.

bad reception.

yeah, don’t stare back at me.

Just NPR. for news. and like you, headlines online.

I like when I can watch sports though, if it comes in.

…cubs on the radio, and Hawkeyes.

miss public television. used to do it all the time for the documentaries.

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No, I can’t watch tv without thinking it’s something personally communicating to me.

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found many ways I should not watch section things or they just are to cheese form me to watch. but I like weather and local news

I have no tv I don’t watch it

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I just avoid the tv and news.

Mainly because of this:

All these outlets do is try to make you scared and feel hopeless. They never did anything good on the news they just report what they want. I hate cable tv, I watch netflix and amazon prime I hate commercials and cable tv. It’s really a dying outlet most people our age don’t watch cable.

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I observed you’re a cubs fan, so am I

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Well I’m sorry to hear that aren’t you close to some of your family?

playing the Giants these days, playoffs, gosh, sick of that team for sure, they always win.

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I saw some of the bears game today but didn’t catch the tail end score do you know it?

Jets season is over lol they suck

I haven’t had TV in five years, but I watch DVDs, and now I have video streaming with my Amazon Prime account. It is nice, because most of my favorite old shows are on there. Prime is great, because for the price of Netflix, you get videos, music, and free next-day shipping.


Stranger things on netflix rocks, supernatural on netflix rocks, ALL STAR TREKS on netflix rocks…get what I’m sayin?

CHeer up sports is really for the birds…just a sporting time that’s it.

Prime has star treks, and also Stargate :heart_eyes:

I’m obsessed!


Stargate is one of my favorite movies but I never had sci fi with the show.

SG1 isn’t that great, but Atlantis is amazing!


I like service providers like amazon and netflix. They really seem to know what they’re doing and there’s hardly any bull mess involved, no advertising which they’re trying to do to the internet but do you know what a commercial usually is on the internet? A virus!