How many calories should I eat?

If I exercise and let’s say I burn 600 calories and my bmr is 1200. Should I eat less than 1800 calories (calories burned+bmr) or should I eat less than 600 calories (calories burned)

This might help


I’m eating roughly 2000
Exercise or not

I eat 3 moderate meals with one snack no exceptions

I joined Overeaters Anonymous in April
I’ve lost 2 stone so far, / 27.5lbs. /13kg

I cut out all sugars (recommended) and (me) eat no animal origin food

Recently I follow dr Gregors daily dozen as much as I can
This wasn’t overnight but it’s working now

I have broken this 3 bowls of too sugary muesli
1 scone
And about 3 blocks of cheese, all within the same month
I’m back from that now though

After the first stone which fell off Ive been losing a lb every 10 days

Will get down to about 9 stone and then maintain like my sponsor
She will help if u slow down weight loss too slow or speed it up too fast


Thank you so much!

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Depends on how much you weigh. I was able to lose weight on 2000 calories a day. And it was hard sticking to 2000. I don’t know how you could eat less than that.

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I used to eat 1400 calories

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That would be hard. I would be starving.

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