How long you sleep

I try to sleep at least eight hours a night. I went to sleep early last night and did not watch Eurovision competition, but when I woke up in this morning I listened some of these Eurovision songs including the winner. I love the Internet for enabling this to happen.

I tend to get by with about 8 hrs but when I take anti psychotics that can go up to 10/11 hours.

I sleep all day, but am trying to quit and be more productive.

My severe sleep apnea limits my sleep to 1-1.5h sessions. I usually get about three of these per day.

I usually sleep between 23-05. I often wake up already at 4 AM. I tried to watch eurovision last night but I fell asleep in the sofa. Woke up just to see who won and then I went to bed. Quetiapin makes it impossible to stay awake. Even if I try.

I find that in the summer I tend to happily sleep 6-7 hours and when the sun comes up, I end up getting up too. In the winter I happily sleep 9-11 hours or more.

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I usually fall asleep no later than 10 pm and almost always wake up by 5 am - sometimes I will get back to sleep sometimes I wont - I am up no later than 8 am

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I usually sleep 6- 7 hours, i had sleeping issues many years before the start of my psychosis. If i don’t take my antipsychotic, i wouldn’t be able to sleep at all. My lack of sleep causes very poor memory. The people i know that sleep deep and straight 8 hours have the best memory.

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INteresting. I’ve been trying to improve my memory. I’m wondering if others can just make themselves go to sleep, or drift off. I can’t if I’m not sleepy. Going to bed when I’m not sleepy does nothing other then cue the head circus.

about 12 hours thanks seroquel LOL

10 to 11 hrs a night I’ve always slept like a bear before and after meds

When I take my Rx (which has been spotty lately) I sleep 12 a night. I was always a sleeper it was one of my coping mechanisms. Now when I forget to take my Rx I sleep 1-2 hours.

my sleep has actually improved , thanks to suggestions on here, so i am pretty happy about that…
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