How long should I leave it before

… I try and ditch the home treatment crisis team?

They come today. It’s basically an alternative to being an inpatient and I get to stay at home.

Before I tried to do it too early and they threw me in the hospital.

I need a strategy to get rid of them ASAP

Someone please help.

Please describe your symptoms in detail.

I don’t want to talk about my symptoms. I just got back from A&E after I tried to take an overdose

I need to know how to get rid of them without being put in hospital

Why you did overdose?

You shouldn’t be so eager to try to get rid of them. That’s the part of yourself that wants to destroy you. Try to go along with these people. They want to help you.


Mental illness is not an excuse for living a lazy life. If we have other diseases like diabetics and others what we do? Yes take medicines correctly, control diet, exercise regularly and thus make sure that disease not affecting our life. This way if have mental disease we need to take prescribed medicines in correct dose and more importantly develop good habits which will help us to lead a normal life in spite of the mental disease.

If you really knew my life you would not have just written that.


I tried to kill myself by drinking lots of wine and necking handfuls of strong sleeping pills

Find a reason to live. If you cannot find one then take this. If you kill yourself what message you give to all those who suffer from mental diseases like you. Instead if you continue living try your best to remain productive it will be then an inspiration for them and future generations.

I think that is a pretty unfair assessment of mental illness. Just because you take meds and look after yourself does not mean that you are by any sense ok, and for a lot of people meds do not even work. I am not sure how you think having negative symptoms makes you a lazy person, the outcome is similar but it is not because of lack of trying. @Joker does pretty well with his illness and who are you to judge him on that.


I just tried to help him. Mental illness is a serious disease I know it as I myself experience symptoms for more than 30 years but as we know some live with it and some can’t face it and suicides. Same illness but some choose to live with it and some find it an excuse to die. And what advice one need to give to those who not want to face life? I think the best is to ask this question. Is there any person who live with this mental disease or something even worse? Answer is always a yes and we should also need to do the same to inspire the future generations and others and to give a message that this mental disease can’t defeat us. Suicide is not a solution for anything.

@Joker I’m here for you if you want to talk. I don’t know how to get rid of the treatment team. I guess just listen to what they have to say and be compliant. Are you feeling any better?

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Thanks @leafy I escaped hospitalisation and had to make an agreement that I will not self harm,

They were nice and we had a good conversation

I am taking an extended break from work, and they’re going to help me get whatever benefits I am entitled too so I can survive this

I would like very much to talk to you


I’m here, I’m glad you’ve agreed not to self harm. The worst is behind you now. Now you can work on a plan to put it back together.

I had the same experiences when i was discharged from hospital in november. I was torn between a wish to talk to the outgoing staff and i a wish for them to stay away. After a month i finally had the guts to meet them, nothing lazy about that.

Hope you are feeling better. Most acute crisis recede. (The waxing and waning of mood and circumstances etc. (a banality, i know.)

Not saying this is the right move for you but when I was placed on a custody order under the mental health act I was able to move to a new province. The order was provincial and did not follow me here. I had a plan of action for moving here, with family and a trauma treatment facility to access. I think its the same in the US, mental health orders are run individually per state. Not sure though.

My parents are due on holiday on the 13th March. I have promised them I will see this team so they don’t have to worry

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