How long have you stayed in your home?

My longest was about a month.

I’ve been where i’m at for 4 months. Have lived with several friends and a board and care over the past 2 years.

If I didn’t have to go out for food drink and smokes everyday, I’d be home forever

About 4 days…

Wow. Listening to this tells me you guys should relocate to the pacific NW while the services are still good.

16 hours or so. Can’t handle any longer then that. I’d rather have symptoms and feel like a part of the world then stay cooped up for to long.

I stay at work mostly,I stay at home for 10 hours,8 hour is for sleep

I’ve confined myself to the house for 7 days once or twice since we moved here. I feel like a fish in the desert…way out of place. I miss the big city and don’t care for living in a town that is so small…even though it may be the capital of Illinois. 100,000 people is not large enough for me. I need a sprawling metropolis.

I don’t think I’d survive in a town larger than 100000.

I grew up around Washington DC, lived in Detroit, then Phoenix, now here. This place is a hellhole. To see cornfields in the middle of the city limits boggles my poor mind. I have no idea how I’m going to make it some days.

Dude those sound like some pretty rough towns from what I’ve heard.

I’m afraid of high crime.

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2 weeks is usually the longest I’ve stayed indoors unless for some reason I’ve been late with my depot. I don’t go out much .

i leave the house on Tuesday and Thursday of the week.

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Do you mean actually stayed inside the house? probably around 16 hours strait the longest and i was probably sick… other than that i would say 8 - 12 hours at night which involves sleeping too. I am constantly in and out when I’m up, maybe 2 hours strait in the house, unless it’s really cold out or pouring rain.

How long I have stayed on my property is another story - that I think has been 4 - 5 days without going into town.