Ever been discharged from psychiatric services?

i have been discharged from seeing a community psychiatric nurse which means i don’t get the care i use to get,

i use to see someone every 2 weeks when i was not doing good or even every week but now i’ve been told that i am well enough that i don’t need to be seen by them.

but i saw my p/doc yesterday first time in 4 months which sucks but i dent let it bother me and i questioned him about if he would ever discharge me completely as a patient and it looks like that is what they are aiming for, its pretty depressing like they don’t care but i am still taking meds and i still have this diagnosis so idk how he could stop seeing me unless he thinks that all i need is to pick up my prescription without any other care.

tbh it hasn’t bothered me much and i try not to think about it, they said that if i ever had any problems just to phone them up and talk to them that way, i am confused because if i am not seeing a p/doc or a cpn i am worried that my benefit money could get stopped even though they said it wouldn’t and i really need that money.

its not all about money tho, i don’t think i could take a complete break away from the psychiatric services :frowning: i would just feel really vulnerable and on my own, i asked him if i could see my notes that he had on me and he said no and i was really angry bc he was being a dick and he said its nothing we don’t already know, so why didn’t he show me them then if that was the case? i don’t like anybody hiding things from me like that even if it was the last time that i was seeing him.

i also asked him when the next time i was going to see a p/doc and he said 6 months :frowning: i said to him its hard enough without seeing a cpn now and now you want to cut the waiting time with me down to six months :frowning: so i was trying to tell him that i really need to see somebody sooner and that i don’t know if i could wait that long and he was saying that i can always phone them up,

in fairness he did mention that there were certain groups and things that i could join and that he was going to send me information about that through the post, i wish i could do something, he also mentioned the Samaritans if i couldn’t get through to their office and that they offer 24hr phone services for people needing help, here’s the website-

I saw the same psychologist once a month and a psychiatrist about once every 3 months (for meds) for 16 years. In 2012 I split with my husband and things kept preventing me from keeping the appointments so I lost contact with them.
Then in feb this year, I lost my health insurance and now have no Dr at all, plus no meds either. It all happened so fast.

Oh, no. You might qualify for a free program like I do. I see a social worker once a month and a psychiatrist once every 6 months.

I should have qualified for medicare, but seeing how we had been paying 100% medical ourselves, we didn’t want to accept at the time it was offered since most needed services weren’t covered. Now that I lost my medical insurance, I discovered that if I want medicare, I have to pay a huge penalty every month to make up for those 16 years I should have paid for it but didn’t.
That’s how life goes.
Can’t afford problems, but waiting for the disaster I know will happen.
It’s really sad that I can’t afford any preventative services, or meds, until a crisis happens, then I just hope it kills me because I don’t have enough money to pay for anything.

I think they’re trying to economize in the mental health sector. They might be penny wise and pound foolish. Maybe if you were really assertive with them you could get the help you need.

if your broke and you own nothing there could be services in your area that would take care of you

Are you in the UK like me? I got discharged over a year ago because early intervention only see you for three years. I didn’t have an episode so they decided to discharge me back to my GP. Getting an appointment after that is hell on earth. I had to go privately as I got a letter last week saying my appointment was in November.