How long do your hallucinations last?

Do you have visual or auditory hallucinations? How long do they usually last? Mine are most times brief

I have visual. They would last all day, but my medication has stopped them, thankfully.

Visuals, they lasted for years but now that I’m on meds, I’m freeeee! :smile:

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I wonder what’s worse: hearing voices or chronic, severe derealization? I don’t hear voices or see things. But I have bad derealization that causes me to miss out on life. I think things are fake and unreal. It’s like I’m in a computer program. It causes me to be delusional and suffer. At least the medications help with hallucinations. Medications don’t help and often can make derealization worse.

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My derealization vanished with meds, I thought I was in a game/matrix.

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Same here. It’s getting better though. Last two days I have been feeling better.

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I’m happy for you! :smile:

I have then all day and all night if am awake too long they get worse and at night they are bad
the medication am on is ■■■■ but someone said to me once that the medication could be causing them but there too scared put me on anything else because they could get worse
It was a person on another forum said that

Also am not diagnosed with any thing apart from OCD and depression but am going to see someone about that soon my psych says that its just stress that causing this not any thing else