What was your longest visual hallucination?

How long did it last?

They are usually pretty quick but when I’m floridly psychotic they will come back to back so it will seem like one long hallucination or a movie playing for hours.

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On meds they don’t bother me much. I see a black ladder as a stranger looking at me at night. I hide the triggering objects from my vision.

My visual hallucinations usually pass quickly or are only there for a couple of seconds.

A week ago, though, I hallucinated the carpeted floor moving like waves, like an ocean. It lasted for about 5 minutes.

Several minutes. The brain is a powerful thing.

Believe it or not I’ve never hallucinated. Just permanent dp/dr or vision damage. It has healed up after 10 years. 99% better.


I went several days, I don’t know exactly how long, when fedora and trench coated shadow men with loaded pistols followed me around every where

I get flashing lights but it lasts a few seconds

I dont think ive ever stopped visually hallucinating… im always seeing things to where i cant tell which one isnt real and they come back on a regular even the same ones to wear i get confused that I dont have a cat or forget “Jerry” isnt real…

I was seeing fallen soldiers everywhere in the aurora of light that surrounded me everywhere I went.

Plans for spaceships were being bounced off the street lights in my neighbourhood and I was frantically trying to draw them out before they disappeared

People used to chase me on trains, and I ended up from the south coast of England to London and then Paris before now.

They chased me to Heathrow Airport before, but they would not let me board a plane to New York, and the Police got involved and they sent me back to Brighton on a Bus where shortly after I was put in hospital

Maybe like 10-15 minutes? When I would lay back and zone out and just watch my walls melt and colorful lights swirl around and stuff like that. My hallucinations are mostly very trippy even though I’ve never done drugs.

The ones that are realistic only last like a second or two.

What is dp and dr?

Depersonalization/derealization, I think.

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My longest hallucination was at my grandmothers funeral where i was looking at a carpet and was seeing swirls and moving to sides for almost an hour

Without meds Ive seen Jesus floating in the air and walking in mental hospital at night. I have seen snow falling from the sky while it wasn’t real.

I’ve seen my bedroom get wavy for a bit a few times, and I briefly hallucinated a demon face on a nurse when I was in the hospital. Delusions are typically way more common for me than hallucinations as far as psychosis goes.

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