How long do you guys want to live

i want to live to be 100 years old older like this guy


I’m targetting 90 !


85-95 seems ideal, assuming no dementia.

Oh God, I see how much my 86 year old Mom suffers.
She is bound to a wheelchair and has lost most of her memory.

I don’t want to get to be so old where I have to be completely dependent on others.

I don’t want dementia and living in a sterile nursing home.


I’m 59 and more concerned with the quality of my life and trying to be happy. I don’t want to be crippled and unable to care for myself like Mother in the nursing home before she died last February. I don’t have the money to pay for a nursing home for myself, and don’t know if I would qualify for Medicaid with all the cuts being made to it. Right now my income is too high for Medicaid.

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60-65 would be perfect

If I died tonight I wouldn’t care. I don’t want to live past my sixties at tops but I can’t really control how long I live for. If I get cancer I don’t want treatment. I really don’t want to be old with dementia or Alzheimer’s feels like that would be a nightmare

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If I can manage to be pain-free, I’d like to live to 85.

In my 30’s; I have a desire to die young.


I hope to live to be at least 85-90

Well… First i want to live maybe 120 years in a good health. Then i want to get frozen and to wake up in about 5-10000 years. Then i might connect to AI, dunno.
Or die, but under two conditions: to see distant future and to have an option weather i want to die.

I don’t know. Maybe at least 50.

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as long as possible, of course

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I’m 62 and parts of me are shutting down, as long as i can keep going i’m fine, as soon as I can’t take care of myself I would like it to end

im not ok with death. I have fantasies about living forever…but for this lifetime i’d like to be 84…which would give me 50 more years.

Well this can vary depending on my mood. When i suffer from severe depression, i wish i were dead constantly and i don’t want to live. However, now that my mood is okay, i have the complete opposite aspiration. I would love to live longer than my natural life so i can see what happens next - as in scientific discoveries, have new experiences, etc. I will stress, however, that i would only want to live that long provided that my physical and mental health were still intact. If i’m suffering from dementia or physical deterioration, then i’d rather die sooner than later.


Yesterday i was that sick i wanted to die. Tomorrow i don’t know how i feel, but just for today i want to live.


Longer than my enemies.

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I hope I can live long enough to look after my parents as they have supported me massively.

Outside of that Sz is supposed to take 20 years off your life, so having high expectations is a bit flawed.

I guess I may have posted something a bit cheery if I wasn’t in a rut :-/

As long as I can stay in my own home. Don’t want to be in a nursing home. Then you can just shoot me and bury me in the backyard. I don’t think I will make it past 70 though.

Almost 50 so 20 more years or so I guess.