How long did it take for hallucinations to go away?

I just wanted to know whether what amount of time did it take for your hallucinations go away?

Did you have organ manipulation as a part of your disease?

Did you feel under mind control with your disease (that is the brain could stop making you do something or make you do something?)

I am on Abilify 30 mg Clozapine 262.5 mg since the last 8 months.

While the voices have reduced considerably, I would like for them to go away? Can my medications still provide me more benefit?
I have no sex drive on Clozapine (or sexual desire). I had partial response on Olanzapine (as well as with Clozapine). Would Olanzapine/Abilify be a good combination?

I will appreciate your comments.

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I still hear voices from time to time

I take high doses and I still have days with voices and days without. I take 60mg abilify and 60mg haldol and 80mg zyprexa

mostly gone in a couple weeks on the 234mg Invega sustenna every 4 weeks. I get occasional voices still but nothing like before

within one or two days of getting on Invega again

I’m not sure what you mean by mind control and having thoughts that aren’t your own

no medication is going to help that.

The voices will go away if you are incredibly lucky. But if they don’t after a few years you’ll probably have to live with them. Unless the voices are not overbearing as it is take whatever meds the doctors give you and don’t mess around with them because they usually help manage the voices. Communicate however if they don’t work at all or have bad effects after a month or so because it is a trial and error process. The doctors have spent years learning about how the drugs work better than us so unless you’ve been to medical school don’t play doctor yourself but understand that they are human too and not everyone is lucky enough to find a med they respond positively to. And don’t expect miracles to usually happen.

I have this constant problem where I feel under external control. They can control me and make me walk— or not. Make me do things. Plant a thought or a voice. It is strange that I also have had organ manipulation. I would speak like Tarzan. Voice would change, so would the speaking style. It would be an exact replica of Tarkan. [quote=“Daze, post:5, topic:141764”]

I also still hear voices sometimes. It’s chronic.

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