How is this dark season and loneliness affecting me

It is the time of the year when the length of the day is just little under five hours. It is the dark season which have the tendency to cause depressive thoughts in my mind. I try to avoid depression because it is one awful feeling. In addition I spend a lot of my time alone and the lack of human connections causes me to feel more depressed. It again comes to the length of the day because I can not go riding my bicycle so much because it is dark. I would say that this dark season causes me to be more alone which may lead to more depressive thoughts. But I try to manage as well as I can and each night I am looking forward to wake up and go riding my bicycle. Exercising is good for mind and body, and vitamin D helps also.


Lack of connections makes life so much harder…

Mental health stigma makes it all worse.

Once I become aware of how people are perceiving me too… I find it harder to be around anyone.

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Have you tried a light box? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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What gets to me is that it’s dark when I start work and it’s dark when I’m done work. I get so little light during the week. The light box doesn’t really help. I need to live somewhere else.


No, I have no light box. I do not know if it might help.


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