How is everybody doing this morning(where I'm from)

I’m doing bad. I just feel low. Went to meet my friend. I binge ate to keep my anxiety to a minimum. Now I’m paying the price with a bigger body.

I am doing ok this morning. Hopefully I will have a good afternoon.

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Our new place is smaller and we don’t have room in the upstairs living room for our stereo stand. It’s now in storage and the TV is on top of the fireplace mantle. I just hooked up a new sound bar to it:

The subwoofer is wireless and hides behind an end table. Doesn’t sound as good as the old rig, which is picture below, but it will have to do.

The wife is happy that I’ve reduced the exposed cabling to a single white wire on the left, so that’s what counts.


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Ive always wondered if we could put a TV above our fireplace. Isn’t heat bad for TVs?

It would be if it heated up. The fireplace doesn’t throw a lot of heat at the TV, it’s within tolerances.

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It’s evening here 8:20pm. I just got into bed.

I think my hormones are all over the place cause I’m pregnant and I’ve been quite moody today. Feel a bit down to be honest.

Anyway. I’ll sleep now.

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