Are you having a good day?

I’m having a pretty good day off. This morning I slept in until 6:00, that’s sleeping in for me now. I got my script filled, went to the pharmacy where I used to work, considering it was just a muscle relaxer; I wouldn’t take my Haldol script there, that’s for sure. They don’t need to know about that stuff. My crush was working, got to chat with her a little, that was nice.

After the pharmacy I got gas and cigarettes, then went to my friend’s house for a few hours. We hung out in his garage some, smoking cigs and chatting, but also watched a couple episodes of Inkmaster that he had on his DVR. Then I came home, and I’ve been chillin and listening to music ever since.

All in all, a pretty good day. Are you having a good day, too? :slight_smile:


I was ok. Went to my mums aunts and uncles house. I’m thinking to visit them more often. They are far and alone there. Plus the food :yum:

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Are those the same aunt and uncle whom you told about your illness?

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Yes. They’re ok. Nice people. But just a bit “old fashioned “.

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My day was okay. Went for brunch with friends then did some shopping. Went to see more friends and now home to relax for now. We have rainfall


I’ve been doing better mood wise lately. I used to not want to get up, but now I’m more eager to start the day.

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My day has been awful, just awful. I’ve been having to pretend that I’m fine all day so my family doesn’t know I want to curl up in a ball and die. I hate this ■■■■. I can’t wait till tomorrow hopefully I will be better.

My day’s going pretty good. I went grocery shopping, went to the library and bought some cheap books, bought smokes too.

Now I’m playing records back to back. So far I’ve listened to Elvis Costello, the Rolling Stones, and Howlin’ Wolf :slight_smile:

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