Good morning guys. Whats up today?

What are your plans for today?
Is it morning where are you or evening?
Please do share


Just got an early day from my volunteering. Relaxing and reading the web after having to go down the road and buy a new mouse…my decent mouse lost it’s scroll wheel.


How do you relax in this times ?

It’s the end of the day where I am. Been a pretty craptastic day, like most of my other days lately.

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Sitting down and doing this haha…bit of gaming later. I’ve chemical free except those the doctor gives me so I’ve been teaching myself to relax without the need to have a beer or such. I’m doing surprisingly well and actually have more productive time at the end of my day!



Congratulation on being sober, im glad you have the will to do it and enjoy it!

Oh no, may i ask what happend ?

My mother-in-law caught COVID, my wife got furloughed at work because of COVID, and my meds are out of whack. All in the past 24 hours. Life these days is treacherous.

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Thats a lot to manage, you seem to be dealing with all those hard things preety good im my opinion

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Thanks for taking the time. :slight_smile:

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It’s 10:45 pm here in Michigan. I’m winding up a good day. If I go to bed happy, chances are I’ll wake up happy.


Good morning its 5:47 am i made some coffee at 7:30 am i get in the car of a friend to go at


12 c here iam

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Apreciate it :blush: 15

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That sounds like a good idea, i should try it . I could usr that feeling of happines

Its around the same time here. Im having coffee too but i run out of ciggaretes :expressionless:

Are you enjoying work?

beside the lockdown i enjoy work much .
ussually i dont work on fridays but we have a lot of work so i go.

also christmas is coming and i need the money to spoil family with presents.:slight_smile:

iam smoking 2wish i could sent u.

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Im a big fan of christmas ! My sister is giving me the best presents!

Hahahah, i wish i could receive it

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It’s about 3 pm where I am at.

I plan on sitting outside in the sun for a while and then I hope to have a cup of tea before dinner.

I had a dip in our local pool today.

I wasn’t in for long but was nice to have had a quick dip.

Think it’s around thirty c.


Pool time sounds like fun time every time !!

How is the weather where you are ?

It’s 12:55 pm here… on my lunch break at work. After break, not too much task to do. Beginning of the day, I always have a tough time to get moving my a**, but the days usually pass by fairly quickly because time is always tight on my work flow… it’s my pay day so I’ll go and buy a carton of cigarettes or something…:no_mouth:

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