How I think I cured my mental illness schizophrenia

Ok so has anyone read the research that suggest Marijuana helps with muscular disorders like muscular-dystrophy and other disorder that affect the myelination in the brain well it’s right on point. If you stopped taking pills after effectively recovering through short-term medication or re-integrated mind skills, you could smoke weed every day for about two years and by the third year you’d be symptom free if I has paranoid schizophrenia, it’s not anymore. My diagnosis was even changed to a mood disorder because the doctors didn’t know what to call it I have no symptoms anymore. Don’t take Vistaril though! That crap is psychoactive it can cause psychosis and is an anti-histaine while anti-psychotics like Abilify affect histomine and muscarinic receptors. So the effect of THC can sometimes trigger psychosis because THC affects the nerve communication much like medication, The thing is, if you have the right balance you can cure it that way. Not just weed has an affect of receptor activity and can repair nerve damage.

Most people on here with insight know the truth. If your friend is having psychosis or has chronic schizophrenia then his awareness is completely impaired. This is a hard thing to convey to outsiders. When a person has psychosis, their inner self is completely broken. It’s like they’ve shattered completely, and cannot define themselves in any usual context, because their thoughts are broken too, the communication is what is affected most profoundly and first. Your cognitive awareness and identity completely changes, and you have a constant life-long battle in re-defining and relating yourself to the world around you. It’s no joke. The reason people get schizophrenia is because psychosis is not being treated professionally, and the root cause of the condition is a predisposed brain to acute stress. This predisposition can also be caused by demyleination or muscle disorders like MS or nerve disorders because schizophrenia is a type of nerve disorder. Paranoia is a type of anxiety that evolves out of nervous disorders. When a person cannot adequately supplement the loss of tissue due to stress, genetic mutation, or biological toxins then the brain begins to slowly lose its elasticity, causing nerve tension and serious complications with the way a person behaves and processes information. It’s more common than 3 percent of the US population, contrary to older statistics, and if you look up myelination you will see studies since as far back as 2003 and prior that indicate demyelination as a factor which induces schizophrenia or chronic nerve disorders.

In addition: medications that reduce brain activity i.e. anti-pyschotics and other medications used to combat schizophrenia work because these medications reduce stress. That’s how they mask the underlying condition, but can affectively break a person’s sudden psychotic irrational thinking by changing the way their brain receptors are acting. That can help a person re-program themselves back to rational behavior and self awareness, but that has to be done sometimes for serious cases by repairing nerve damage and science isn’t quite there yet–but you can get certain types of supplements like st. johns wort and vitamins that sometimes can repair nerve damage, free radical damage, or aid in healthy bacteria like probiotics. You have to do thorough research to find a safe effective and healthy alternative to anti-psychotic medication but I think AP’s are needed because they are psychoactive, or change the way the brain works–you could even use an oxygen tank to change the blood flow in order the precipitate receptor or nerve re-growth.

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There’s no cure for sz


only YOUR opinion. thank you

No not a matter of opinion. A freakin fact. You and others keep fueling delusions without even considering the well being of some more susceptible readers. If your fine in your delusions and refuse help, that’s your problem, everyone here tried to help you. Now show some consideration and keep your delusion fueling opinions to yourself.


Disease of the brain, cured by the mind.

such a bitter tone shows a serious issue, not the least with your medications. anyway. A FACT probably for you but do not impose YOUR opinions on others.

Don’t talk to me. I seriously had enough.

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are you serious? im not out of mind (atleast not yet)

i mean WHAT do you think about yourself? still are not out of ur delusions of grandeur.

agree completely, Stress and anxiety is the cause of the most of the delusions.

Suits me. I see ive been banned and targeted for speaking against you. Im here cause I talk to other folks whom I like here.

Its clear that my talk clearly creates differences with you and other folks. Its wise to stop atleast our interactions.

Zenmonk, stop. Not wanting to talk to someone who is delusional and determined to spread their delusions regardless of the wellbeing of others has nothing to do with delusions of grandeur.

If you need a place where you can try to persuade anyone you like to ignore their doctors and stop their treatments with no consideration given to their circumstances, you’re going to have to find another forum. You can’t do that here, and you know it. You’ve been told many times.

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