Life changing things in my life

well, I recently finally can access my recreational meds when I need them thanks to my girlfriend. This is huge for me. My sister gave me some and then a friend from Colorado and then my cousin came and gave me some too. I have been cranky because I haven’t had smoke. I stopped drinking and all but I like to have cannabis around to help me think better. I am a lot smarter on cannabis and I am not condoning it for other schizophrenics even though it is listed as an anti pschotic in medicine. I love my life these days, and look ever forward to tomorrow !!

I know you think it makes you feel better, but it’s very likely accelerating the severity of your condition. Even if your not a teen, it very well may have the potential to at least aggravate the symptoms.

I have far less anxiety and I have less back pain when I medicate. I had a license in Arizona and am very used to the effects of it on my psyche. I am better functioning on it, and far more sociable.

Weed is one of the worst drugs a schizophrenic can take, it’s not an anti-psychotic. It can be incredibly dangerous to ones mental health.

Say what you will about it “helping you think better” but we all know you wouldn’t touch the stuff if it didn’t make you high. Just like all the pot heads who talk about how you can make rope from hemp, who the hell cares about rope? Nobody, they just want to get high.

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Unfortunately Marijuana contains THC a chemical that triggers psychotic - paranoid feelings in especially schizophrenics.
CBD another chemical found in Cannabis is responsible for the ‘antipsychotic’ effect - it also acts as a good a good anxiolytic, calming down anxiety. The problem is that most strains of Marijuana contains more THC than CBD - so it will usually aggravate schizophrenia. Marijuana based medications are on the rise, because of CBD really

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whatever the statistics you may read, marijuana helps my life immensely.