Scitzophrenia or No?

Ive Never Had It Growing up Or At least didnt know.
So i first developed it the begining of this year from some mystry drug like bath Salts i did for like a month striaght with like a day of sleep every 4 days and also dosin molly presses whenever i could aqquire them.
since then ive been paranoid im dead and in hell or like some sort of ■■■■■■ prophet and the whole world knows me, some of this comes from my acid trips ive always seemed like the center of attention and idk why i guess im that cool??? plus people around me would ■■■■ with me so i feel like there all mad at me so when i get those negative thoughts i feel like this person is acctually thinkin it but fronting and being nice in person. i feel confident im right and that im not crazy and they just say that to blind me so they can keep tryin to screw me over or use me for whatever it is. I feel like the drugs just make you more connected to the world so you have a better sisxth sense or third eye basically cause everything in this world has some origin No?
This Might be hard to follow as i lost the ability to make much sense anymore idc about anything whatsoever

If you think you are suffering from a mental illness it’s best to find a psychiatrist to see you…I hope you get the help you need.

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Have you stopped taking drugs? It sounds like you have drug induced psychosis. This can become something more prolonged like sz but for many people stopping drugs eventually makes this go away.

I Still Smoke Weed and Occasionally the xanz Its Just Hard for me to quit weed i tried to go to rehab but they wouldnt for weed i also told them i get paranoid sometimes but it didnt help much

some drugs, especially the ones you talked about (bath salts and molly and acid) can mimic symptoms of schizophrenia even in some people that aren’t genetically predisposed to it
schizophrenia is no joke and if you even question that u could have it u need to stop using all drugs and get help immediately

If you really have to smoke weed switch to a strain that has low THC (which causes schizophrenia symptoms) and high CBD (which can suppress those symptoms.)

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alright il try this first then go from there

Probably the first step is to stop taking drugs. Look how you ended up. Maybe drugs aren’t the best idea for you because they could seriously and permanently mess you up, taking more drugs would be like throwing gasoline on a fire.

A lot of what people think drugs do positive for them is actually an illusion. Most of what people think drugs are doing positively for them does not help in the real world when you sober up or come down. Its great to smoke 5 bowls of high grade marijuana or snort some lines or inject something with your friends and while you’re high you all think you found out the secret to the universe or that you discovered the secret door to unlock the mysteries of mankind but when the pot or whatever wears off, your great insights are usually gibberish or garbage or something that a 5 year old kindergartner would listen to for 10 seconds and then he he would immediately realize it is ludicrous.

This is from someone who smoked pot daily my last two years two of high school. I took my first hit of acid when I was 16 and I later was addicted to crack for four years in my late twenties and drank often. I got diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when I was 19.


Very true. Drugs are really a distraction from our roles in our own lives. But I recently did LSD again and realized a few things about my own self and I talked about it with my therapist and psychiatrist and came up with a plan for how I was going to integrate that into my life. However, for many other schizophrenics, LSD would be very damaging. It went well for me that time, but I do not plan on doing it again anytime soon because of the risks of using it as a schizophrenic person.

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