How have YOU been? :)

What’s up guys! Oh my Jesus, it’s been a while and I decided to come back because I just miss this forum and all the people in it. Along with that, I wanted a safe haven to talk to those who understand.

On August 10, I ended on up on the hospital after overdosing on prozac. And I was psychotic as well. The same day, they fixed my meds so now I’m on lexapro, abilify, and Trazodone. I’ve been taking my meds everyday and I can see improvement. Less fatigue, anxiety, and voices.

It’s the 2nd week of school and I am doing surprisingly okay! (Better than worse) I know that having schizoaffective can change a lot of stuff in your brain and as a perfectionist, this is difficult for me to live with. I was always an honors student and I’m afraid I can’t catch up with the rest.

I stopped posting because I was down and now I’m up again! I know that there will be downs again but for now, I’m taking control of the present moment. Hope you guys have been okay! And this post isn’t just about me. I want to know how you guys have been since July!


Suuuunshine!!! :smile: Glad you’re alive (!!!), and glad school is going well, and glad you have a new boyfriend :slight_smile: And glad your back too :slight_smile:

All is well, thank you for asking!


Sunshine. :sunny: I’m glad you’re back.

Not much has changed. I’m still looking for a job. The insomnia went away so I can sleep now though I still don’t feel tired. Anyway glad to see you back and good luck at school. I remember that I spent like 2 years unmedicated and earned my master’s degree if just barely. Just remember to always take your meds… in moderation. How much prozac did you take? Did you get serotinin syndrome or something?

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Welcome backkkk

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Welcome back @Sunshine :blush:

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Hey there! :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about the hospitalization. But it sounds like everything is going better. :smiley: I am doing a lot better these days . Going back to school on Monday.

Take care,

Minnii!!! You’re a mod now! :laughing: Congratualtions!

Second, thank you so so much :blush: Have a nice day/night :sun_with_face:

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Thank you dear @Plumber :blush: :sunny:

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Insomnia went away for me too! Congrats for both of us :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advice and insight :sunny: I’ll make sure to keep that in mind.

I took 10 capsules of Prozac (100mg) but luckily I barely took a little over the maximum dose. I am okay :slight_smile:

Miss you birdie! :sunny:

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Glad to be back @anon84763962 :smile:

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hope school is amazing for you too :slight_smile:
Much love! :sunny:

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I’m so glad you’re doing well again! You went through some scary stuff!! You deserve all the happiness you’re getting now :slight_smile:

I’ve been…struggling…demons are harassing me 24/7…I’m having horrific nightmares…bah…waiting for my increased dose of Latuda to kick in.