Hi guys! How are you?

I have not participated in the forum in a while.
I had to face many problems in the last few months and had a crisis a few days ago and my doctor changed my meds.

I am now taking Abilify, Risperdal, Zoloft, Klonopin and Akineton.


Hey man I remember u. Nice to see u back


Whats up my brazilian friend andy…??? How old are u…???

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25 years old, my friend :slight_smile:

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U are younger then me… have u started working…??

Are u studying…!!! @Andy…???

Welcome back hope you get something outta site :hugs:

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I’m not studying or working at the moment. My symptoms started getting worse for a while, so I ended up getting away from the forum as well and isolating myself further inside my home.

Hi Andy, that’s a lot of meds. Were you suicidal? Thanks goodness, you are better now.


I was having suicidal thoughts as well. But it’s getting better.
I hope it will improve on hallucinations and delusions with Abilify.


Hi Andy! Welcome back, hope you’re doing better :slight_smile:

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I’m having family problems and also I was not accepting that I had schizophrenia. So because of this I was not taking my meds right and it was getting worse until I ran out of Klonopin and I stayed almost 1 week without it, suffering abstinence. With that, my anxiety increased a lot and I had a psychotic or anxious crisis on the 20th of this month.

Now, after all this suffering of that day, I am accepting my health condition.

Before, I was waiting for a miracle. But I realize that the reality of life is different.

Sorry for any mistake in English.

Well today was a big far better than usual day.

The toilet handle/lever two piece mechanism busted. Rather than replace it, and thus spend money, I figured out another way to connect the lever to the handle, and it worked.

So the point is, I ended up having a day that was high up in the clouds compared to my average day. Yes, me having a repair the toilet day, was a big big improvement indeed. :disappointed_relieved:

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Welcome back! Glad to see you around :slight_smile:

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Hi all! 1515151515

I think that I have schizoaffective disorder and ocd also.

Religious OCD, I think.

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Sup andy…!!!

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If you’re having religious symptoms it’s best to avoid religion altogether.


Hi, how are you doing now?