How has your week been so far

Mine has been difficult. I have been to the gym 3 times this week and I hope to keep it up. It’s not easy.

Aside from that I’ve been working on cutting down my calories.


i dont do ■■■■ most of the time

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Pretty uneventful.
Had an interview for a part-time position but got rejected, they said they’d changed their mind and actually needed someone with full time availability. Kind of lame.
Apart from that, business as usual, indulging in my hobbies and the 1h/day freelancing that pays for my cigs and phone connection.

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Sounds good. Sorry about the job. Hopefully something better comes up.

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Well, opportunities are like trains. As one leaves the station, another one arrives.
I wanna start jogging again. Been feeling better lately, gotta do something to counter the damage smoking does to my body.

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Annoying. I have a new photography drone that I can’t use because of sustained high winds.

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why not get a helicopter then?

That’s a touch out of my budget as a hobbyist.

Maybe I could hijack one…


get a large drone that you can sit on :slight_smile:

There are massive restrictions on larger drones. I can fly my microdrone in places that larger aircraft can’t go, including helicopters. Both legally and in terms of size.

It couldn’t have gone better.

I had a posture problem that I had since childhood. I got it resolved, and it has lifted my mood.

I exercise daily, and worked every day. Good mood and a decent amount of energy these days. My illness has been neutralized with minimal side effects.


That’s awesome! Glad it worked out - I bet it’s a relief.


It is.

Somehow it has lifted the mood. I feel like my old self again. That is before the schizoaffective.


My week was great, apart i am financially broke, but i managed to go to the pool and had a swim. Since Thursday i do walking. I try to make 6000 steps every day and i feel better.


I got out to fly my drone last night and it was fun. Ended the work week on a high note.


Got a job offer, to start back up as a social worker. Now im debating it with a jobcoach


I didn’t go to the gym enough this week. But I did today even though I hate when it’s busy. And it was really busy. My husband said we didn’t get there early enough for a Saturday. Oh well. Live and learn.

Do you have a number of calories you’re aiming for?

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I don’t yet know a number of calories I’m aiming for. I just do 15 mins on the bike 5 mins on the cross trainer and 10 mins power walking on the TREDMILL.

I’m due to start a swim program next week as well.

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Sounds really good :slight_smile:

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It’s Saturday night and I have made myself sick
I had a huge bag of crisps and a hot chocolate and I feel ready to burst
Remind me not to do this again
Apart from that I have been increasing my exercise