How was your weekend?

mine sucked as usual. last weeks was a little better. a 3 day weekend here in the states with memorial day tomorrow. tomorrow will be better because my a/c will be on and it will be cool in here. i got up at 6am on saturday and 7 this morning. a couple long days of doing nothing. and mom and dad weren’t in a good mood so i haven’t been visiting these last couple days. a lot of time to myself this weekend.


hope your next weekend is better.

mine kind of sucked in the sense that I ate two pots of ben n jerries on top of other stuff. one yesterday one today.

anyways i’ll be back to my original weight by next week and i’ll join in for a game of tennis with my siblings next weekend when I feel less fat.

take care :footprints:


It was great for the fact i had zero money. I got credit from my local store to buy stuff like food and cigis. We had a party on friday. A friend bought partylubricants and we had a great time. We played musicpick. Everyone had his/her turn to play a song from youtube and we took rounds.

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It was nice.

I used to be by myself just but now I have a boyfriend I often spend it with him.

It was our last weekend in his apartment.
He is renting it out and wants to live at my place for free but my land lady said no so he wants to sneak in at night which could get me in trouble and homeless.

He has to rent his apartment to pay mortgage and can’t afford to rent except for at a woman who wants to have sex with him and asked him out for drinks.
Hope he will be faithful.
Thankfully he told her he has a girlfriend.

I saw my sacred neigh Saturday.
Someone tried to stop me from seeing her but they didn’t succeed thankfully.

Watched tv .

Sunday I met my boyfriends son one of them for the first time and his girlfriend.
Went better than I thought so happy bout that.
I have difficulties socialising etc

I was a binge eater though and put on weight.
Hope to lose that by being self disciplined.
Ate so much this weekend.

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Saturday the grocery delivery person was a religious woman who was polite, respectful, and helpful. She got to my apartment building in 7 minutes. I barely had enough time to go downstairs and outside to meet her. When she left, she told me to have a blessed day. Saturday evening I signed on to a religious help chatroom and got help. Sunday I was very happy and peaceful.


It was ok… I have seen my sister and my father.
My week was a little exhausting… Many medical appointments. :confused:

Have a good day.


My weekend was good, went to the beach with a friend and got horribly sunburnt, lol


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