How has your day been?

:see_no_evil: hi, everyone, :hear_no_evil:

so how has your day been? :speak_no_evil:

no surprises i hope :eyes: and if there was any i hope that they are all good :slight_smile:

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If you keep putting cheese up there… I’m going to have to keep pressing cheese.

I love cheese.
Brie is great strawberries and jam.
Blue is great in a salad
love Mizithra on simple noodles…

But as far as my day is going… it’s sort of flat… not great… but not as bad as previous days…

Had some break through negative disconnect with some voices and confusion. Hot weather is doing me in and wearing me down. Some lingering family drama is seeping into my brain and making me sleep walk.

But on the up side I can have some cheese to cheer me up. :blush:


■■■■■■■ cheese I answered cheese because I am a mouse


My day has been good,don’t know what I will be doing this weekend,but will try to keep busy


Had to put down cheese as just woke up. Miserable raining day and no plans other than doing some planning.

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Just woke up, now having some coffee, it is raining and the fall is coming, soon it is August (tomorrow), listening some music.


Not too bad, just have a headache that wont go away. Ever!

Oh gosh- I love Mizithra on simple noodles…
Takes me back to eating at “the Spaghetti Factory” restaurant in Sacramento,
Concord and San Diego every chance we could.

A plate of spaghetti, a drink, salad, bread, and dessert for 5 bucks,
that was the price back in the mid 1980’s,

Wonder what the price is now, that is
IF they are still in business.

Deep fried camembert with cranberry sauce.

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Sun rise is an hour and fourteen minutes away, going to go watch it with a coffee.

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I just finished lunch - pasta with garlic and cheese. My day went ok, slept in till late and took hubby to mosque, then came home and prayed and cooked lunch - egg for hubby and pasta for me.


Oh Wow… there’s a “Spaghetti Factory” here in Seattle. It’s got train cars in it at extra seating and plush chairs. It’s out on our water front. I haven’t been there in ages… it’s always so busy… you have to have a reservation to get in… there’s just no other way.


been at the beach today :slight_smile:

got a bit sun burnt and now we re going to have a fry up and maybe go to the pool.

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An ok day
Went out for tea with my mum
Reading my kindle

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I was let off from day treatment this morning. Now I’m nice and toasted and enjoying life.

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Have you ever had a headache so bad your muscles ache?

Back and arms are feeling so over stretched…

Good day - my sister made me “go out” - we went to a park - loads of flowers - the sun came out - actually enjoyed myself.


we went out today again and had a really good time,

really pooped now so going to be an easy night (if there is such a thing)

my anxiety and digestion issues are playing up and i’m worried about the dive tomorrow but nothing is going to stop me now.

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Today I had a serious discussion about changing my religious affiliation. Beginning to feel a slight difference in my depression I think the Latuda is starting to kick in. No change in voices. Slept four hours today.


Cheese is NEVER not the answer.