How has thought broadcasting affected your life?

For me it has ruined my ability to be productive. It also causes anguish and anxiety.


yes! me too. it causes me great anxiety and pain in and out of the house.

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Yes it did interfere with my life and getting things done, it lessened for me now, maybe due to long hours of sleeping. Sleeping really works for me.

I smoked weed at a party last year and ruined a date I was on and made a complete ass of myself. I thought everyone could read my thoughts and I started freaking out. I have had telepathic communication before with someone, so I know it is possible, but I don’t think it was happening in this case

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Whats thought broadcasting exactly? Is that where your hearing voices inside your head?

No, it’s when you think other people are listening to your thoughts.

For me, I often hear my thoughts and my voices on the radio/speaker, and I think other people can hear me thinking and my voices on the radio too. I can’t listen to music much because of it.

I also frequently hear other people repeat the thoughts in my head outloud seconds after I think them. I just avoid conversations even more now.

It can cause a lot of anxiety and paranoia, but sometimes it’s fine. I’ve gotten used to it.

I have this too… and sometimes other people respond to what I just was thinking. Not sure if coincidence or why that happens… makes me paranoid

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I have it where my music mimics what I’m doing. So I’ll be sending a message and the song will start talking about sending messages. Jerry Garcia once said that live music is the only kind of music there is. He wasn’t kidding

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Does anyone feel misunderstood because of it? Or even bullied?

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Not thought broadcasting but thought insertions ruined my life for 33 years. It’s when I felt I could read other people’s thoughts. Like telepathy. Pure Hell.


I’ve experienced this on and off for the last 20 years, can be compared to trespass and molka.

Now that is interesting. I only had that happen once, and that was when I had an actual telepathic communication with a person. We started talking and began using less and less words and I felt like i could hear what he was going to say without him saying it and he could do the same. It was telepathic communication. He even acknowledged that we were doing it. He was a peer counselor who worked with people with sz, but I think there is more to that character than that because I tried to find him a couple months later and he had basically completely disappeared and there was no way to contact him. My mind runs wild about who he was, but it is going to have to remain a mystery. But yeah, that was both thought broadcasting and thought insertion. I think they’re real, but you should always verify before you jump to any conclusions, you know?

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Jump to what conclusions?

That you are really reading the thoughts. You should ask people if that was what they were thinking. It’s a good way to reality check things and ground yourself.

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People would always deny it when I would ask them or confront them. And this did me no good because I was always convinced that they were lying.

for me its people in the vacinity hearing them. like the next house over, everyone in a store etc.

qnd then theres telepathy. thats inside. internal. sometimes i imagine things like my brother talking.

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