How do you guys deal with thought broadcasting?

I have this “theory” that I’m always saying my innermost thoughts and disassociating from the experience. I’ve come to realize that this is very similar to thought broadcasting…how have you guys dealt with this experience, if you’ve had this experience?

That sounds rough. I had thought broadcasting in the mental hospital in 2015. I was on medication at the time. It was my first, real schizophrenic experience. Before that I was just in a severe daze or fog. Couldn’t tell what, if anything, was real.

I just had to march through that ■■■■. It took time–many years. But it eventually subsided. I still have long lasting effects from it. It lingers.

In 2015, I thought people could read my thoughts and were inside my head.

Now, I think I am sort of mildly psychic. Like I can pick up stuff from far away–like I can hear people talk about me/conspire against me. I don’t know. They call it voices, but it feels like intrusive thoughts; maybe it’s just my imagination, sub-conscious, or my inability to predict things/desire to predict things. I think when I’m really psychotic, I can predict things with 1-10% accuracy (I’m guessing here). Stuff on the news for example. I’ll see a headline pop up on Fox News or CNN that I thought about months ago or maybe minutes ago or even seconds ago. I think the record is a couple years, with complete ignorance of the topic/subject. It could just be pseudo-random noise but it sometimes convinces me I’m either psychotic or special.

The thought broadcasting was related to my paranoia. I was really paranoid at the time. I thought my life was in danger. I could feel my mind splitting and shutting down from fear. Was it just a survival mechanism that was faulty? I felt like my mind was open to the public and to technology.

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That’s called paranoia. You can’t keep or control your thought without expressing them in a way.


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