Good life possible or not

Firstly, excuse me if the topic is written by others people.
Are there somebody of you here, that can live a good life. I mean you have a good job, partner, you have close friends around you.
Is that mission possible?


It’s hard for me. I don’t really have friends and seems harder as you get older.

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If my head pressure just subsides I feel a good life is possible. It’s getting better but is still a major factor.

Antipsychotics and niacin have suppressed my symptoms to the point where I can read, but my head pressure and intrusive thoughts are somewhat distracting.


Some people here work. Some people are married. Some people have close friends. It’s a mixture.


I feel like a good live is relative.

I feel like I have a good life because I shower and make it to the gym daily. I have improved very much.

My brothers and sisters feel they have good lives because their all successful in their careers and most of them have families. To me their lives are too stressful and they do not appeal to me.

Do what YOU want to do in life, not what you think your supposed to do.


Also, people without MI are on a social conquest. They like to have friends, friends with well paying jobs, friends with nice cars and big houses.

People with schizophrenia can not get to the social conquest aspect of life because we have survival needs that need to be met first. Housing/food/suicide/etc.

Only once your survival needs are met can you explore what’s next.

Speak for yourself, I’m doing just fine.


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I have had schizophrenia since I was 14. I’ve had periods of doing well and periods of really struggling. But I’ve gone from being homeless and drinking every night to being a college graduate, having a full time job, getting married, and making a lot of really close friends.

My husband and I are just starting the process of becoming foster parents! We are excited to take that step together.


Our bitter pride we have inside
Can make the world sad and lonely
Our reckless youth is not the one, and not the only
Part of life we live in strife, it seems it never ends
We want a life. We want a wife,
We want good and clever friends
But it is so hard to learn
The life we earn
Can never be satisfied
We have our money
We have our pride
We all have something
That aches inside.

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Also, after 14 years of living with hallucinations, they have now been completely gone for over two years! I still sometimes struggle with my mood and motivation levels, but I haven’t had any psychotic symptoms since I started my current medication regimen!


Yes, but my experience is ■■■■ friends will pull you down.

I have partner, but no job and no friends. I can’t work because of my disability. I’m a pensioner. But I’d like to be normal and have a job like normal people. And I have no friends because of my mental illness. People don’t like me. They think I’m dangerous or crazy.

I ■■■■■■■ love my life dudes!!

It’s been a pretty wild ride so far, lots of ups and downs…
Yes, it’s possible to have a satisfying life. To be happy, despite the illness.
Just don’t give up. You never know what tomorrow might bring @Minuszero.

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i had a hallucination of the perfect woman i talked to. she is just so much better i think I’d have to hate myself to lower my standards to a real relationship. hitler had eva braun but i don’t want to be hitler just cause he has a girlfriend, they couldn’t have good interesting pleasant conversations i would want to have. they weren’t in love. everything men accomplish is for a woman and everything a woman accomplishes seems to be to become a mother. i never saw a couple i envied. palaces and stuff isn’t stuff i want. i just want her. she doesn’t just smile she makes you feel how happy she is.

When I got out of my first major psychotic episode 2 years ago I had no friends or job or significant other and was extremely lonely. That’s why I came to talk on this forum. One thing that helped me was joining support group. They pointed me to helpful services like day treatment, helped me find friends, and gave me people to share stories with every week.

I don’t know in your case. We all are different. You may find that the best way to achieve the good life is to change your perspective on what it is.

now I lost my friends, because of me
i have one friend only now, that i think he is real
I lost my moral and the situation is very bad, I cant get a job, the last job I was fired after the first week.
May be I need psycholgist to recover myself if it is possible.

@Minuszero, I don’t have a job, a partner or any friends and I am living what I call a “good life”. Instead of a job, I volunteer, instead of a partner, I have God, and instead of friends, I have the community.