How frequent is losing time with Schizophrenia? i was gone for about 8 - 10 hours

I really don’t know if lack of sleep causes this?

i hadn’t been drinking

It’s not frequent at all. You should report this to your doctor.

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I have a friend who gets absences, but they are usually shorter!

Worth mentioning to your PDoc/GP.

it’s not recent - i have shared this one every few months

confused about if i was kidnapped or just lurched around and went to sleep in the middle of the pavement

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Absences or losing track of time is a symptom of schizophrenia. It can last a couple of minutes to hours at a time. It is related to the depersonalization experienced as loss of awareness (but not consciousness) where you lose your sense of self: ME, MY, MYSELF and TIME. It is usually a fleeting feeling which comes over you in waves, Chrystal. You can wait for it pass or sitting with other people in a room somewhere often helps.

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a guy came up to me - i was sitting in a doorway with tracksuit top and bottoms on and a guy showed me a huge lump of hash and i went to his car - we talked till morning and then he says 'this one’s just for you’
and the next thing i remember it was dark again and i woke up in the middle of the pavement

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I would guess drugged before I would assume sz related in that instance.

the bit about ‘this one is just for you’ is possible i made this up trying to make sense of it

either that or it was a recovered memory quite a long time later

what kind of drug that you can smoke causes complete black out for 12 hrs?

Recently I started having this problem but never for that long!

That sounds almost exactly like what happened when I went to the hospital the first time. As far as I know, it was just weed.

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Have you ever asked your PDoc about it?

Why didn’t you go to the ER when you woke up and got a drugs test?

Lack of sleep can cause the person to fall asleep unknowingly so yeah it can but usually if you’ve been asleep 10 hours you would wake up knowing you’d been asleep. I’ve heard of people losing time from severe psychotic episodes where they just don’t remember anything that happened and have to have other people tell them. But if you’re not in the middle of an episode then I would say that’s pretty weird and ask your doctor.

it was in the middle of a severe, long term psychotic episode

and it’s just me not being sure if it is possible for a guy to cross the country (said he drove down to Newquay, 300 mi from Liverpool) with a big bit of hash
and this to still be just a coincidence, and that he took care of me rather than taking advantage in a severe way

:uk: I’m from the UK too and that’s a long way to drive, but I can understand why he’d want to go there! :uk:

what was different? or what happened?

That sounds horrifying. Did you contact the police?

I was drugged by a stranger, and I didn’t fully understand what happened until months later. I remembered being at the bar, then sitting in a truck, then I woke up on the bathroom floor with my pants around my ankles. I spent a lot time telling myself that I just had too much to drink and blacked out, but that’s not what really happened.

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I’ve not asked my doc, but would they have any more of a clue?

I was in fact psychotic = i did not have responsibility for my actions

God, i’m sorry.

i didn’t no i was very unwell. thought we were using telepathy a lot and was very quiet.

yes i think i have spent 11 years telling myself it was all him being like my guardian angel
i can understand the denial

yes it’s rather jolly in Newquay

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