Missing time?

Does anyone else experience missing time? I started a stop watch to see how long it takes me to do the dishes because I always feel like it takes forever. I thought it took me maybe 15min but the stop watch said around 45min!?

I don’t see my pdoc until next month, but I’ve noticed a lot of things seem to take me way longer to do even though it doesn’t “feel” like it takes that long if that makes any sense.

Are you always aware of what you’re doing the entire time, or do you ever black out/wind up in totally different situations? For example, you walk into the kitchen, then suddenly you’re walking outside with no memory of ever leaving your kitchen?

I never end up in different situations, but this month I set the smoke detector off at least 3 times because I way over cooked my eggs or something and sometimes I’ll pour coffee and when I go drink it it’s cooled significantly. But I honestly don’t feel like I blacked out.

Before this month I have never set the smoke detector off, like seriously ever in my life.

Sense of time is apparently impaired in sz.


I keep accusing the aliens (or some unknown beings) of messing with my clocks. I think they keep making it 4-8 hours later than it is…I think a few minutes go by, and somehow it’s way past bedtime, a ridiculous amount of time has passed.
Sometimes I go on “auto-pilot” and will do tasks without being fully involved and move on to different things then stand there wondering how I got there.
Don’t think it’s unusual tho…

Thanks that was super interesting! Apparently it is impaired, however, the average amount of impairment is about the same as anyone else which means I should expect some moments to happen faster than they did (which I do!)

@Csummers Aliens aren’t messing with my clocks, but I do feel like I’m not 100% all there sometimes like you described!

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I’m having problems with time perception too, in my case it happens when I’m doing cognitive demanding activities or when I’m lost in my thoughts.

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I just write it off as not paying attention to the clocks, anymore. Hope that helps.

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Hmm… I had something like this on seroquel. Seroquel just really didn’t agree with me.

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